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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Too Bad Emerson!LOL!

What's a matter fat boy, I was approached with this info. I only reported what was told to me by this lady. You do this type of reporting all the time, so deal with it. If it ain't you, swell, if it is? Shame on you. I will re-post your coward's reply to me. And trying to take my property? Never happend, and let's see you try. It will not go well for you, I will promise that! A lawyer will call? Sure, you would never have the guts to handle this yourself. I stand by the words I wrote.

Here is what Emerson Drake wrote on his town crier blog

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

John Heaton has gone far enough to be sued

He wrote this crap because another Hive blogger I have never heard of called him on his cowardness. I haven't been to Turlock for a very long time and to walmart there never.

Walmart security tapes could prove this but since this is all made up he thinks he can get away with it.

A lawyer will call and set him straight.

John, When you're forced to turn over the title to your dads truck I'll have it junked.

Did Emerson Drake Of The Morning Mayor Show Threaten A Mom And Her Daughter?
I was not there, so I can’t say this event took place, but here is the exact words of the lady making the claim. She stated to me she was going to file a complaint with L/E since Emerson is currently a convicted felon. If this is true, he is once again guilty of the same behavior he attacks his enemies of using.
” I ran into Emerson the other day at Wal Mart in Turlock. I was walking up an isle with my daughter, he was standing at the end of the isle looking at me. He stared me down and then he stared my daughter down. He was talking to a woman, but I couldn’t see her, she was hiden behind another isle. I also recognized his voice. I walked down the isle and gave him a dirty look, and walked right by him. If he thinks he’s going to intimidate me, he better think again.”
Posted by TownCrier at 1:00 PM




p.s. Emerson, maybe your "lawyer" will want to tackle this? LOL!

Friday, April 9, 2010

John D. Heaton III Convicted Drunk Driver and Bigot

John D Heaton III from Turlock california, a convicted drunk driver and bigot is back at his usual cowardly games. This poor middle aged man who has never been married spend much of his time around school aged children where he sides up to them pretending to be a role model but whith his drinking backround who knows what is going on in his mind.

Why he attacks people on his petty blog is beyond the understanding of most people. But he continues to lie, attack white women by calling them racist names and generally hates latinos.