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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Show Me The Money

Chump and Chief...raicst and thief B. Hussein O is giving back some dough! Ain't no surprise when he is involved up to his ears with ACORN and other criminal groups. Oh, and his illegal alien Auntie Zeituni Onyango.
More than eight months after President Barack Obama won the White House, the remnants of his campaign organization is struggling to deal with some unfinished business: returning about $669,000 in tainted or illegal campaign contributions to a motley assortment of donors, among them a convicted murderer, Washington lobbyists and a number of foreign nationals, including his own aunt.

But the 11 Chicago-based staff members still on the campaign’s payroll are finding it was a lot easier to rake in a record-shattering $750 million than to identify and return donations that ran afoul of federal election laws or Obama’s own strict fundraising standards.

Skippy Gates Says What?

Skippy says the only reason blacks are doing well is because of civil rights and Affirmative Action.....Hmmm, I thought it was because it was because of hard work and sacrifice and being the most qualified for the job? AA is now being used to keep white men from getting hired and being promoted. Because race hustlers like Jackson, Sharpton, Gates, and even Obama, need minorities to think they are victims of the evil, racist, white America. It is how they keep their power and earn their money. They are the true racist!
Skippy goes on to trash Judge Thomas because he is what, not the right type of black folk for you Skippy?

Henry Gates Rant In 1996 On "Racist White Institutions"

Good ol' Henry Skippy Gates shows his racist colors.

Michael Savage’s Favorite emNew Yorker/em Profiles

Michael Savage’s Favorite emNew Yorker/em Profiles

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cleaning Up The Racism

Had to clear out the racist and uneducated remarks by George Maudlin and Richard P...... But I saved a very well stated comment by Brittanicus and Linda....

In case you want to know what a racist nut job looks like.....just checkout George Maudlin on Facebook!

I received this link in an e-mail. This is a good grassroots start! Employers who hire illegal aliens need to be turned in. As do the illegal alien themselves.
Welcome to our WebsiteOur simple message is that we can stop illegal immigration and protect America from terrorism if citizens like you, who are concern about the influx of illegals, become vigilant and report illegal aliens in their communities. We are not here to ruin lives or to promote intolerance towards others. We do, however, believe in controlling the influx of illegal aliens through our borders, into our cities and towns.
We are in the process of creating a great website for individuals who are concern about illegal immigration to obtain information on how to get involved and make a difference.
Who is an Illegal Alien
An illegal alien is a person who has entered the country illegally is their being "unlawfully present". If they have overstayed their allotted time and not renewed a visa or are not following the required provisions of a visa they are considered a "status violator". A fairly bureaucratic term. Click HERE to see what's consider illegal activities
What can I do?
Be that as it may, a private citizen is not required to report someone who is in the country unlawfully, nor does the United States Immigration and Custom Enforcement (USICE) prefer it done. The USICE and FBI are quite aware that persons report foreign nationals for personal reasons rather than security and may seem a bit irritated if such is the case. The obvious exception is if the person has committed or is committing a criminal offense such as domestic and/or child abuse, assault, robbery, and so forth. Or equally important, if the person gives the impression of being a threat or potential threat to national and society's security/safety, (a terrorist). This should not deter a private citizen from taking action, if done properly and responsibly.
However, if you wish to report a person(s) you may do so by calling United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) at 1-866-347-2423. It is advisable to contact the local ICE Field Office for a faster response. Most of the time if you call the main number, they will refer you to your local field office. For a listing of ICE field offices click HERE.
File a Report
If you don't want to make the report yourself, you can request that we file the report for you. Our service is simple, fast, and anonymous way to report illegal aliens and, in most cases, illegal employers to the appropriate U.S. government agencies. It takes only a few minutes to file a report with our service. It may take several hours on your own and some degree of frustration to find the proper agency and complete and submit a report. Our service will save you time. All that we ask is that you provide a donation to support our cause. Your donation will be used to cover our expense of maintaining our website, faxing reports and phone calls.
When you send us the information we will file with the ICE field office closes to the location of the illegal you are reporting. Depending on the additional information you provide, we may file with other federal or local agencies. We will send you a copy of the report if you provide your email address in the report form and you do not check the remain anonymous box. We do not offer legal advise and nothing in this site should be taken as legal advise. We facilitate the transfer of information from you to the appropriate agencies that can take action on such information. Before filing a report please review our Privacy Policy.
To file a report, please click HERE.

Submitted by jheaton on Mon, 2009-07-27 09:10.
won't be easy because many in both parties support illegal immigration for different reasons, but they have one thing in common...making money. They are willing to destroy our nation for the almighty dollar. I can see the tide turning over the next few years. We are at the apex of liberalism/progressive movement....even a bad bowel movement is better than this.....the vast majority of Americans are figuring out, if they did not all ready know, that this lib/progressive utopia stuff does not work. And it is a matter of time until ultra conservatives straighten out this mess we now find ourselves in. Or a second civil war is fast approaching!

The looming illegal immigration war
Submitted by Brittanicus on Mon, 2009-07-27 14:53.
A battle brewing over legalizing 20 plus illegal immigrants and theirfamily members, is not just a political war that will have direconsequences for just American workers, but for the whole populationthat pays taxes? The testimonial of Robert Rector an outspoken analystwith the Heritage Foundation, that legalizing the lawbreakers will cost$2.5 Trillion dollars in escalating taxes, just to pay for retirement andpensions? Because of the decades of indifference of Washington, we arenow stuck with a massive occupation of foreign nationals and theirfamilies. Now the lawmakers are looking for an easy way out. For allthose years of businesses who have intentionally seek cheap labor,thereby dumping the whole financial burden on every US taxpayer.
Their years of lobbying less reputable members of the House and Senate,has paid off admirable. Business have lined their pockets and neverpaid their illegal employed labor any health care, schooling for thechildren or the massive welfare benefits? Upcoming is PresidentObama's promise to the countless numbers, who have invaded our countrymust not happen. These politicians have compromised our quality oflife, our language and our culture. Under pressure from many openborder globalist organization our politicians have murdered manyimmigration enforcement laws. E-Verify--a composite of the SAVE ACT wasalmost shelved, as they are now straining at the leash to weaken localpolice action 287(g), the NO MATCH LETTER and even ICE raids.
Currently we are teetering on the edge of OVERPOPULATION, with even ourgovernment acknowledging our numbers will rise to 440 million in justforty years. Our country can do without Federal mandates that includesfree medial care, education, low income housing--Section 8, foodstamps, just a name of few free government handouts. All these benefitsshould go to American families who are in need. GOOGLE--about thegrowing chaos in Europe from the importation of legal and illegalimmigrants. GOOGLE--the disguised costs that are forced on taxpayers,not disclosed by the media or Congress. America is in survival mode nowwith nearly 10.5 percent jobless, home foreclosures, car repossessions, health careand more.
Believe it! Yourvoices are having a crucial effect.? Support for the bi-partisan SAVEAct,which will expand E-Verify and protect American Workers! We must focus on the cornerstone to thismajor problem-the jobs that attract illegal aliens. It would phase in arequirement for every employer to use the electronic E-Verifysystem. We must also be aware that the Democrats are ready to open the gates toournation, once a path to citizenship is announced. GOOGLE--thefacts at NUMBERSUSA,AMERICANPATROL
Update: one of the authoritative Capitol Hill publications suggeststhat minority Caucuses and all those here undocumented, is quitepleased with the way the current House healthplan will provide coverage for illegal aliens.YES! To government health care for Americans. Definitely NO! Freehealth care for those here illegally?

Submitted by Activist1 on Mon, 2009-07-27 08:56.
Many, many, many people feel the exact same way, and just because there are people who want to trivialize it, doesn't mean it's not an important issue to millions of others.
Whether you like or dislike illegal immigrants, is not the issue. The issue is whether or not they are entitled to services and jobs in this country without the proper/legal documentation.
To millions of people, the answer is no. I agree.

Monday, July 27, 2009

As Racists Go, We are Rank Amateurs

As Racists Go, We are Rank Amateurs

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Who Is Mr. Gates?

This is who Mr. Gates is and some of his background.
JERUSALEM – Henry Louis Gates Jr., the Harvard professor at the center of the current national race controversy, has recruited radical black activists to his university department, is a prominent supporter of reparations for the descendents of slaves and has immortalized a communist and socialist activist.
Since 1991, Gates has been teaching African American studies at Harvard, where he serves as the director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research. De Bois, an American civil rights activist, sociologist, historian and author, was an avowed communist and also a socialist sympathizer.
Du Bois was for a brief time a member of the Socialist Party. In 1927 he infamously traveled to the USSR, where he called the Soviet system "the most hopeful vehicle for the world." Eight years later, he published the book "Black Reconstruction," which offered a Marxist interpretation of the Reconstruction Era.
The leftist icon officially joined the communist cause in 1950, when he ran for the New York State Senate on the American Labor Party ticket. He lost the election, but eight years later joined Trotskyists, ex-communists, and independent radicals in proposing the creation of a united left-wing coalition to run for seats in New York State elections.
Du Bois joined the Communist Party USA in 1961. He emigrated to Ghana, where he became a naturalized citizen, living in the country's socialist police state. Two years later, the Communist Party named its new youth group the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs.
Serving as director for the Harvard institute immortalizing Du Bois, Gates cultivated black radicals to his race studies department, most prominently bringing in Cornel West, a controversial adviser on Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March with close ties to socialist and black extremist groups. West is a declared personal friend of Farrakhan.
Gates also lured to Harvard socialist sympathizer Kwame Anthony Appiah, a Ghanaian philosopher, cultural theorist and novelist, as well as William Julius Wilson, who is close to the Democrat Socialists of America.
Gates authored two books with West, a long-time member and honorary chair of the Democrat Socialists of America. West served on the black advisory board of Obama's presidential campaign.
From a young age, West proclaimed he admired “the sincere black militancy of Malcolm X, the defiant rage of the Black Panther Party … and the livid black [liberation] theology of James Cone.”
Cone's theology spawned Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's controversial pastor for 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ. West was a strong defender of Wright when the pastor's extreme remarks became national news during last year's campaign season.
Gates himself is a strong supporter of affirmative action and a key member of the reparations movement for the descendants of African slaves. He joined an effort to bring a class action lawsuit for reparations and reportedly has been working privately to urge political and business leaders to keep the issue of slavery at the forefront of social-justice discussions and to support his campaign for reparations.
One of Gates' major sources of intellectual inspiration is Herbert Aptheker, a seminal scholar of African-American history who was a radical American leftist. Aptheker was for decades a leading theorist of the Communist Party U.S.A. before resigning in 1991.
Gates was quoted stating Obama's election last year rivaled the day in 1862 when President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation and the day 101 years later when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech.
"There's never been a moment like this in our lifetime, ever," Gates said.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barack Obama Related to Six US Presidents

I don't know who or what group posted this video, so I don't in anyway endorse them, but this video is full of very interesting info.

More To The Story

With all the hub-bub flying around the arrest of Henry Gates at his home by Sergeant James M. Crowley, the usual lib/progressive spew crew automatically scream racism, and racial profiling. They broke into Gates' own home and a neighbor called reporting a home being entered by two black men. The officer responds and confronts them. So Gates shows ID and claims he lived there. But only a very few know how the discussion went from there. Because Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct, not breaking or entering. So did Mr. Gates run his mouth because he was seeing what he believes most white police officers do? Treat blacks more harshly than whites? Makes you wonder, Gates is already talking about making a documentary on the incident. I am glad to see officer Crawley standing behind his decision, and he has a crystal clean record to support him. He was the EMT who tried to save Reggie Lewis' life. But in the eyes of a true lib/progressive, he probably let him die!
This may turn out to be a professor who was quick enough to realize an opportunity to build his street cred thus giving him a bigger stage to promote his message; that agenda might be to self promote.
Now, 16 years later, he stands accused of racism by Gates, one of the foremost scholars on race in America. Gates had just arrived home to his Cambridge house from a trip abroad to find his front door stuck shut. As he and the driver who brought him from the airport tried to push it open, a passerby called police with a report of a possible break-in. Crowley arrived and demanded that Gates, now inside, show him identification. Crowley’s police report said Gates behaved belligerently when he questioned him, which Gates denied. Authorities dropped the charge Tuesday after it ignited accusations of racism.
But people who know Crowley were skeptical or outright dismissive of allegations of racism. A prominent defense lawyer, a neighbor of Crowley’s, his union, and fellow officers described him yesterday as a respected, and respectful, officer who performs his job well and has led his colleagues in diversity training.

And now more to the story......Chump and Chief calls police stupid and Gates called the officer a mofo and said he was only placing him under arrest because Gates is black! No Mr. Gates, if you call an officer a mofo, bro, you probably going to jail. If you are playing baseball, and you call the ump a mofo, you are hitting the showers early. Gates is all over t.v. getting what he wanted....lots of pub to push his agenda. B. Hussein O' claims he was once a college professor too, so of course he is going to back Gates without having all the facts. Sargent Crowley is a true American hero, he works to protect, serve, and save lives. The Sarge has nothing to apologize for. He is proving once again,like Joe the plumber, that when guys like BHO try to run down real Americans, they are exposed for the frauds that they truly are!
B Hussein has not, and cannot run a lemonade stand. And Gates? another lib/progressive prof hustling race to his financial advantage. Wonder if he had a film or book deal before this incident.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Senator Boxer Accused of Race Politics

Senator Boxer Accused of Race Politics

Notice Mr. Alford calls her Maaam! She also get called on her liberal/progressive racism! I should have additional 3 minutes or so with Glenn Beck and Coulter. Babs does not even have the dency to apologize to this fine man.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TJ Thompson Contradicts The Stereotype DOE Needs To Be Closed

Many kids, regardless of color are having problems in public school. One problem? Too much federal involvement, and too many social expermints going on. Add to that free lunches, before and after school programs and let us not forget the other biggie....poor parenting. It is time to close down the D.O. Education and all federal funding and return the control of schools to the cities,counties, and a limited state involvement. Also, only legal children of legal residents will have access to public schools. And public education will become a privilege after the 8th grade. Students who are discipline problems will no longer be able to attend public schools and the parents will be responsible. Private organizations, churches, and individuals should be encouraged to do what the feds are not supposed to do.
Though I disagree with T.J. Thompson about the feds stepping in when the parents are absent, or just not doing their job, I like his point that the sad condition of our educational system knows no color.
This is not confined to urban schools either. My alma mater, Shelbyville High School, in Shelbyville, Indiana was profiled in a Time Magazine article titled “Dropout Nation”, as well as on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. You can read that article here: and the Oprah segment here Shelbyville is a small town of roughly 18,000 people - about 30 miles Southeast of Indianapolis.
In a town with over 95% of the population White, 1 of every 3 kids will not graduate High School. One in Three!!! This contradicts every major stereotype portrayed on TV and broadcast throughout society.
Sadly, too many people across this nation believe that the educational crisis is limited to the Urban, Black, or Latino populace. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This epidemic is a national catastrophe. We are in an Educational State Of Emergency.
I believe that we cannot pass legislation and laws to curb this outbreak. The cure starts in the home and in the school. It is imperative upon the parents of our children to take charge. If there are no parents available, then the responsibility falls upon aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and even teachers. These children
need role model to encourage, nurture, and help them succeed.

Making The Peanut Daddy Proud

I am sure Jimmy Boy Carter is all smiles seeing B. Hussein O's presidency on target to fail with even more damage done to America than his. How low will BHO go? All the way to the crash site scooter!
What's Next, Mr. President -- Cardigans?
By Matt Welch and Nick GillespieSunday, July 19, 2009

Barely six months into his presidency, Barack Obama seems to be driving south into that political speed trap known as Carter Country: a sad-sack landscape in which every major initiative meets not just with failure but with scorn from political allies and foes alike. According to a July 13 CBS News poll, the once-unassailable president's approval rating now stands at 57 percent, down 11 points from April. Half of Americans think the recession will last an additional two years or more, 52 percent think Obama is trying to "accomplish too much," and 57 percent think the country is on the "wrong track."
From a lousy cap-and-trade bill awaiting death in the Senate to a health-care reform agenda already weak in the knees to the failure of the stimulus to deliver promised jobs and economic activity, what once looked like a hope-tastic juggernaut is showing all the horsepower of a Chevy Cobalt. "Give it to me!" the president egged on a Michigan audience last week, pledging to "solve problems" and not "gripe" about the economic hand he was dealt.
Despite such bravura, Obama must be furtively reviewing the history of recent Democratic administrations for some kind of road map out of his post-100-days ditch.
So far, he seems to be skipping the chapter on Bill Clinton and his generally free-market economic policies and instead flipping back to the themes and comportment of Jimmy Carter. Like the 39th president, Obama has inherited an awful economy, dizzying budget deficits and a geopolitical situation as promising as Kim Jong Il's health. Like Carter, Obama is smart, moralistic and enamored of alternative energy schemes that were nonstarters back when America's best-known peanut farmer was installing solar panels at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Like Carter, Obama faces as much effective opposition from his own party's left wing as he does from an ardent but diminished GOP.
And perhaps most important, as with Carter, his specific policies are genuinely unpopular. The auto bailout -- which, incidentally, is illegal, springing as it has from a fund specifically earmarked for financial institutions -- has been reviled from the get-go, with opposition consistently polling north of 60 percent. Majorities have said no to bank bailouts and to cap and trade if it would make electricity significantly more expensive.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mammy Yokum

Too bad my cyber stalkers are not very well edumacated!

Mammy, born Pansy Hunks, was the pint-sized, highly principalled, cornpipe smoking leader of the Yokum clan. Her lethal right undercut, sometimes called the "good night Irene punch" helped her uphold law, order and decency. She seemed the toughest character and kept up the integrity of the strip. Her mantra was "good is better than evil because it's nicer". MAMMY YOKUM, born Pansy Hunks, was the pint-sized, highly principled, corncob pipe-smoking leader of both the Yokum clan and the town of Dogpatch. She married Lucifer Ornamental Yokum (Pappy Yokum) in 1902. They produced two strapping sons twice their own size: Li'l Abner, the long-running strip's namesake, and Tiny, who was rediscovered in 1954, 15 and a half "yars" after his birth. Mammy's lethal right undercut, sometimes called the "good night Irene punch" helped her uphold law, order and decency. She was consistently the toughest character and the one most imbued with integrity throughout "Li'l Abner." Her most famous mantra was "good is better than evil because it's nicer." On his retirement creator Al Capp proclaimed Mammy to be his own favorite character.
All Text © Denis Kitchen

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mary Jo...40 Years Later

While it may have not been murder then, Teddy "Blonde N' The Pond" Kennedy has been able to enjoy life since that tragic night. Kennedy, a notorious booze hound, claimed that there was no alcohol involved and he tried, and failed, in his attempts to save Mary Jo. Of course, Teddy was driving the wrong way and he was unable to negotiate the bridge. He claims he returned to the party for help, but there were other homes closer that he had passed. Guess image and rep comes first to a Kennedy. After he returned with help, wink wink, he sent his buddies home and T.K. returned to his room to rest up for his lie making duties in the morning.
Well, looks like it won't be too much longer and T.K. will have to answer for what really happen. Or maybe he will fess up before he stumbles toward the bright light? Not a chance.
Unanswered questions
Why did they leave the party?
Mr. Kennedy said he was heading back to his hotel and would drop Ms. Kopechne at hers on the way, but it's unclear why he didn't have his driver take them, and why they left with one of the only two cars at the party, leaving one car for the remaining 10 people who also had to return to their hotels. Ms. Kopechne left her purse and hotel keys at the party, and no one recalls hearing her say why she was leaving the party. Mr. Kennedy says that they ended up driving away from the ferry by mistake.
Could Ms. Kopechne have been saved?
The diver who pulled her body out found it in the spot where an air pocket would have been, and speculated she could have survived for 25 minutes – enough time for a rescue.
Was Mr. Kennedy drunk driving?
Despite his reputation as a heavy drinker, he maintains he was not drunk. When he went to the police it was more than 10 hours after the accident and too late to test for alcohol. Ms. Kopechne had a blood alcohol level indicating she'd had three to five drinks.
Was there a cover-up?
Ms. Kopechne's parents allege people that were paid off not to tell the truth about the incident. The grand jury foreman says he was barred from calling key witnesses, and that the local police chief and district attorney took him aside to insist the incident was an accident, nothing more.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mammy Dowd Again Shows The Racism From The Left/Libs

I originaly posted this to the Turlock Journal'a and the Modesto Bee sites. Soe guys named Tex and George complianed about the title, since it brings to light the same ugly problem they share with Mammy dowd; Racism/Bigotry. At least the Modesto Bee kept the post with out changing my title.

To Dowd's credit, she makes no bones about her disdain for white conservative men and women.
President Obama wants Sotomayor, naturally, to bring a fresh perspective to the court. It was a disgrace that W. appointed two white men to a court stocked with white men. And Sotomayor made it clear that she provides some spicy seasoning to a bench when she said in a speech: “I simply do not know exactly what the difference will be in my judging, but I accept there will be some based on gender and my Latina heritage.”
The judge’s full retreat from the notion that a different life experience is valuable was more than necessary and somewhat disappointing. But, as any clever job applicant knows, you must obscure as well as reveal, so she sidestepped the dreaded empathy questions — even though that’s why the president wants her.
Sarah Palin is the definition of irrational, a volatile and scattered country-music queen without the music. Her Republican fans defend her lack of application and intellect, happy to settle for her emotional electricity.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Small Blog Site....For Now

This is a blog site in my hometown of Turlock CA. Give it look.

Beware Modesto Of This Candidate For Council

These are the words of the candidate Robert Stanford. Also known as localblack. People of the Airport District I hope you know who and what your candidate represents. He also appears to be using a person's death to gain the Hispanic vote in his district. her picture looks like a drag queen?Submitted by Stanford4Modesto on Tue, 2009-06-09 21:10.Linda Taylor - I'm pretty sure she is female. And if not, I think that the proper gender reference (out of respect) for a tranny is she - in the feminine as that is what their expression asks of others.Dan Day might blow up this post because I think that's a touchy subject for him.For me on the other hand, I would really like to tell the City of Modesto to go to hell and move to San Francisco where I would get more appreciation than abuse (unlike here.)There. I said it.
Robert StanfordAirport Neighborhood ActivistWhy don't you start by lightening up....BMStanford4Modesto Says:You want to be mellow? You can start by not posting like that - what am I going to threaten you with? A flaming post?Just relax - your not any target of mine.
So what are you tryin' to say?Stanford4Modesto Says:Did you want to meet some where and fight?I can be nice....Stanford4Modesto Says:Is this all you have in your life? Why is all this so important to you. Didn't your Mommy or what have you tell you to ignore the idiots and the bullys? Why don't you just not reply....shine me on? Why don't you do that?Not a blog session goes by, that I don't ask myself the same question.
Oh yeah...I almost forgot...Stanford4Modesto Says:You my friend (pun intended) you are on my enemies list.So if I were you. I would watch those trees. I reprogrammed the brains of sparrows to dive bomb you when you go out in the morning to pick up your paper.I would tighten the draw string on that robe if I were you (wink wink)If you know what I mean.Draw stringRobeGet it?Wink Wink...yeah.go now...find a chem trail.Robert StanfordAirport Neighborhood Activist....

He is referencing a mis-nomer...Stanford4Modesto Says:It was a post that I had originally submitted for publication - in which I chastised American white perception of gang members - I generalized this.I deleted the entire thread - for one reason or another and re-posted the same story the only difference in the story was that I did not include a photograph of nortenos like I had before.They believe that it is different and that I edited the original story. This is not true however. And I did admit that I made the generalization that whites stereotype gang members as latino.But JH is anti-muslim - I read his posts, and I know what he means. Just as he knows that I am anti-white. That's how I know he, like Activist1 is anti-semitic as well. See where I am going with that?When people write something that they themselves do not understand, how can we as readers understand those that have written it. How can we, as readers make assumptions about these people. I do, just as the following.Some readers believe that when I speak against the incarceration of drug offenders - that I mean all criminals. I do not.When I support un-documented immigrants - some believe I support the sex slave traders and drug runner immigrants too - I do not.When I support needle exchange, some believe I support heroin. I do not.I believe that JHeaton is a fasciest pig. He in fact may not be.Linda is anti-semitic. That's "just a fact".
Robert StanfordAirport Neighborhood Activistok...Stanford4Modesto Says:
Yeah, well I know what I am truly in your book. I did not do what you say that I did. If you read through the post that you just wrote, it really makes no sense. I did not re-post to appear non-racist. But this is a useless argument with you.I know what I represent to you. And it's certainly not white. Of that I am proud. Proud to be Jew - proud to be pro-muslim - pro-gay and pro-undocumented immigrant.copy and print this out, so that when you stalk me on my next political run you can wave it like a confederate flag.By the way - I'm also pro La Raza - Todas Razas. Yours as well, I'm afraid.
Robert StanfordAirport Neighborhood ActivistI stood respectfully before theStanislaus Board of Supervisors pleading forunderstanding of the fatalities being suffered bymigrant farm workers in our very own communitieshere in the Central Valley. With great passion,emotion and tears, I spoke without rehearsal,“They are dying in our fields today, to putfood on your table tomorrow!” I said, banging myfist on the podium.One look at their indifferent white faces showedme that clearly I had wasted my time....If you are asking me about illegal immigration - I guess I would have to say that I believe that whatever solution(s) that we as a community and as a nation decide - that they should be humane and compassionate. If you are asking me if we should round them up like cattle and send them home - I say NO.What I would do.Stanford4Modesto Says:
I would invite them to one of my English learner workshops and start pushing health information their way. I would make sure that they were treated with kindness and forget any immigration issues.Robert Stanford for Modesto City Council Seat 1And when I see other activists speak - I think, wow - why don't they change their approach - people here have accused me of being a race-baiter - playing the race card to get some sort of a gain - Perhaps this was true at one time - but through my experience I have grown past this.A Jew Boy Note: - I don't actually live in the Airport District at this time - I live by Somerset at Coffee and Rumble area - but I am there so much and spend so many nights over there that it is like I do live there - but my toothbrush is in another part of town at this present time. Because of Election law, I will not be able to complete my residential move to the Airport District until all is said and done with this current campaign and run-off if I make that.I know. It's selfish - maybe I should just cator to getting on my knees saying whatever I have to for votes like my opponents do.Does anyone remember -Stanford4Modesto Says:
When my official campaign photo was that of a Mexican Wrestler?Honestly, in my opinion?Activist1 is an ignorant racist pig - a blow hard, she slanders my friends, me - local businesses and many of our officers and entire departments. She alludes to things and makes herself look like she is connected, but even the minutemen have told me that she is nowhere near what she says she is. Christianson also as much told me the same thing.I am going to be speaking with bail bond owners starting next week to discuss an opposing position of advocacy to take against her - so that all the info regarding the bail bond industry here in Stanislaus is not just coming from some over-rated chic with gout that slanders/libels them with baseless accusations of taking payoffs from Nortenos - how revolting pathetic and low.A1 - I would not worry about her - My call letters are PC - no not politically correct - Papi Chulo.Robert StanfordAirport Neighborhood Activist
Nice...jheaton Says:job Stanny. At least you admit you are racist. I however, am not. I am anti radical muslim though.Stanny, you did label all whites as being racist towards Latinos. You got called on it and thus reposted to appear non racist. The mere fact you admit to being anti white skews anything you say, and will come back to haunt you in any local political race you enter. As your political messiah said, but not practice; "Words mean something."
He is referencing a mis-nomer...Stanford4Modesto Says:It was a post that I had originally submitted for publication - in which I chastised American white perception of gang members - I generalized this.I deleted the entire thread - for one reason or another and re-posted the same story the only difference in the story was that I did not include a photograph of nortenos like I had before.They believe that it is different and that I edited the original story. This is not true however. And I did admit that I made the generalization that whites stereotype gang members as latino.But JH is anti-muslim - I read his posts, and I know what he means. Just as he knows that I am anti-white. That's how I know he, like Activist1 is anti-semitic as well. See where I am going with that?When people write something that they themselves do not understand, how can we as readers understand those that have written it. How can we, as readers make assumptions about these people. I do, just as the following.Some readers believe that when I speak against the incarceration of drug offenders - that I mean all criminals. I do not.When I support un-documented immigrants - some believe I support the sex slave traders and drug runner immigrants too - I do not.When I support needle exchange, some believe I support heroin. I do not.I believe that JHeaton is a fasciest pig. He in fact may not be.Linda is anti-semitic. That's "just a fact".
Robert StanfordAirport Neighborhood Activist
ok...Stanford4Modesto Says:
Yeah, well I know what I am truly in your book. I did not do what you say that I did. If you read through the post that you just wrote, it really makes no sense. I did not re-post to appear non-racist. But this is a useless argument with you.I know what I represent to you. And it's certainly not white. Of that I am proud. Proud to be Jew - proud to be pro-muslim - pro-gay and pro-undocumented immigrant.copy and print this out, so that when you stalk me on my next political run you can wave it like a confederate flag.By the way - I'm also pro La Raza - Todas Razas. Yours as well, I'm afraid.
You Say La Raza, Yo say La Humanalocalblack Says:
I am overwhelmed with the amount of participation in this Blog, why it reminds me of City council meetings and the Charter review committee meetings where so many of our community show up to support our community, why out of nearly half a million people less then a dozen shows up. And most of them, are also completely mis-informed, or worse yet, dis-informed.At El Concilio, we had a very informative forum from three immigration attorneys regarding the new proposed immigration legislation still sloshing in the senate - that was productive, that was understandable and that was more to the point of answering the questions of what are we doing as a country to humanely deal with our screwed up immigration system.Eve Hightower sat next to me throughout that, and I got a chance to further appreciate a Bee reporter. Now she has another fan.This did not get any press that I know of, it seems that the proposal for sanctuary did though. I tried to download the pdf but it does not work.It breaks my heart when I see and hear people so angry about undocumented immigrants and they completely leave out any balance in their words regarding compassion in any way for anyone but their own kind. It makes them look like racists.Not that it helps though when the site coordinator of El Concilio, Raul Garcia presents his organization as a separatist group, and expects me as a civil rights activist to buy the line that La Raza does not mean the race, it means the people, when any spanish-english dictionary will tell you otherwise - it means the people - La gente means the people.Yeah, whatever, we must decide what is right for us as compassionate Americans. And not mistake ourselves as the American Race.I would have rather those kids not filed what they had filed, but I support their rights, just as anyone elses. I would rather have humane immigration reform on a National Level, something that we could all agree on to whatever degree.But that's what happens when even the site coordinator for the Modesto El Concilio, Raul Garcia, cares more about his name or photo in the local papers than truly fighting for a single race as he has numerous times dictated to me is El Concilio's aim (that is why the hmong are not supported by this group in any outreach efforts) - And that is why, when El Concilio holds forums and I stand and fight, I often feel that I am doing his job. And I'm not even Latino.Worse yet, because I have repeatedly accused Raul Garcia and El Concilio as an organization as being seperatist, if I walked out into the street right now and got hit by a bus, Raul Garcia would dance on my grave singing Liza Minelli Show tunes before my body was even cold.If the scarce amount of input on this blog and everything else that happens in this county is any indication - bring on the sanctuary, we all deserve whatever happens because we never speak up or support eachother unless there is something in it for us personally.In short, I don't believe that this proposed sanctuary promotes understanding, I think it stirs up a hornets nest.But who am I? Like I don't get off on throwing gas on the fire?!
Robert W. Stanford
No not necessarily...Stanford4Modesto Says:Though you may have heard about the Brown VS. Board of education, you may not have heard about a LATER ruling called Mendez VS Board of Education - the latter of which finally allowed those of hispanic descent to be integrated into white schools - (not that long ago) -I myself felt the sting in the 70's in Delhi - if you ever get a chance to see my handwriting, it comes from my grandfather's instruction who was instructed somewhere between 1910 and 1920 - the style is much like his - if you get my drift. Not because I was hispanic, but because of my association with all that I knew from the farm - (other mexicans in my class that were my friends).

The Classic Underdog Cartoon Intro

Only Underdog can save us from B. Hussein Obama!

Grape Ape Intro

Speed Buggy cartoon opening 1973

Hong Kong Phooey

It should have sounded like this!

Hong Kong Phooey - Intro and Ending.

Banana Splits - The Ultimate Intro!

A mess of fun!

Barney Miller - 'Blizzard' (1/3) S4E7

One of the best shows ever

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Racist Swim Club

It turns out that the club's president, is a big time B. Obama supporter! But, sadly, this is not surprising. Many a lib, and even Barry O, have lived their entire lifes supporting racist/bigoted platforms. BHO used it to help get himself into the Oval office. May God help to open the eyes and hearts of these evil people.

I welcome any questions or invite you to take a look at the club at any time. Call me to discuss joining our club. I look forward to hearing from you!
John DueslerPresident, The Valley Swim Club
But the good doctor wasn't so inviting when he was asked about the banning of the black kids, saying, "There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion ... and the atmosphere of the club."
The complexion of the club?! Wow. This John Duesler guy sounds like Strom Thurmond. Who the hell is he?
Why, he is a die hard liberal democrat and organizer of President Obama. Wha?! How can that be? Isn't he also a leading peace activist who was quoted here,

We The People Stimulus Package

This is an awesome message

Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Her Own Evil Words

Can't argue with Maggie's own written words.....
Margaret SangerFounder of Planned Parenthood
In Her Own Words
"The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race (Eugenics Publ. Co., 1920, 1923)
On blacks, immigrants and indigents:"...human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born." Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people
On sterilization & racial purification:Sanger believed that, for the purpose of racial "purification," couples should be rewarded who chose sterilization. Birth Control in America, The Career of Margaret Sanger, by David Kennedy, p. 117, quoting a 1923 Sanger speech.
On the right of married couples to bear children:Couples should be required to submit applications to have a child, she wrote in her "Plan for Peace." Birth Control Review, April 1932
On the purpose of birth control:The purpose in promoting birth control was "to create a race of thoroughbreds," she wrote in the Birth Control Review, Nov. 1921 (p. 2)
On the rights of the handicapped and mentally ill, and racial minorities:"More children from the fit, less from the unfit -- that is the chief aim of birth control." Birth Control Review, May 1919, p. 12
On religious convictions regarding sex outside of marriage:"This book aims to answer the needs expressed in thousands on thousands of letters to me in the solution of marriage problems... Knowledge of sex truths frankly and plainly presented cannot possibly injure healthy, normal, young minds. Concealment, suppression, futile attempts to veil the unveilable - these work injury, as they seldom succeed and only render those who indulge in them ridiculous. For myself, I have full confidence in the cleanliness, the open-mindedness, the promise of the younger generation." Margaret Sanger, Happiness in Marriage (Bretano's, New York, 1927)
On the extermination of blacks:"We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population," she said, "if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." Woman's Body, Woman's Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon
On respecting the rights of the mentally ill:In her "Plan for Peace," Sanger outlined her strategy for eradication of those she deemed "feebleminded." Among the steps included in her evil scheme were immigration restrictions; compulsory sterilization; segregation to a lifetime of farm work; etc. Birth Control Review, April 1932, p. 107
On adultery:A woman's physical satisfaction was more important than any marriage vow, Sanger believed. Birth Control in America, p. 11
On marital sex:"The marriage bed is the most degenerating influence in the social order," Sanger said. (p. 23) [Quite the opposite of God's view on the matter: "Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled; but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." (Hebrews 13:4)
On abortion:"Criminal' abortions arise from a perverted sex relationship under the stress of economic necessity, and their greatest frequency is among married women." The Woman Rebel - No Gods, No Masters, May 1914, Vol. 1, No. 3.
On the YMCA and YWCA:"...brothels of the Spirit and morgues of Freedom!"), The Woman Rebel - No Gods, No Masters, May 1914, Vol. 1, No. 3.
On the Catholic Church's view of contraception:"...enforce SUBJUGATION by TURNING WOMAN INTO A MERE INCUBATOR." The Woman Rebel - No Gods, No Masters, May 1914, Vol. 1, No. 3.
On motherhood:"I cannot refrain from saying that women must come to recognize there is some function of womanhood other than being a child-bearing machine." What Every Girl Should Know, by Margaret Sanger (Max Maisel, Publisher, 1915) [Jesus said: "Daughters of Jerusalem, weep... for your children. For, behold, the days are coming, in which they shall say, Blessed (happy) are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the breasts which never gave suck." (Luke 23:24)]

"The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race (Eugenics Publ. Co., 1920, 1923)
Editor of The Birth Control Review from 1917 to 1938.
Founder of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the world.
Her goal in life:Sanger admitted her entire life's purpose was to promote birth control. An Autobiography, p. 194
Helped to establish the research bureau that financed "the pill," she contributed toward the work of the German doctor who developed the IUD. "Ernst Graefenberg and His Ring," Mt. Sinai Journal of Medicine, July-Aug. 1975, p. 345, in Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society, by Elasah Drogin
Sanger espoused the thinking of eugenicists -- similar to Darwin's "survival of the fittest" -- but related the concept to human society, saying the genetic makeup of the poor, and minorities, for example, was inferior. Pivot of Civilization, by Margaret Sanger, 1922, p. 80
On mandatory sterilization of the poor:One of Sanger's greatest influences, sexologist/eugenicist Dr. Havelock Ellis (with whom she had an affair, leading to her divorce from her first husband), urged mandatory sterilization of the poor as a prerequisite to receiving any public aid. The Problem of Race Regeneration, by Havelock Ellis, p. 65, in Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society, p. 18. Ellis believed that any sex was acceptable, as long as it hurt no one. The Sage of Sex, A Life of Havelock Ellis, by Arthur Calder-Marshall, p. 88
On eradicating 'bad stocks':The goal of eugenicists is "to prevent the multiplication of bad stocks," wrote Dr. Ernst Rudin in the April 1933 Birth Control Review (of which Sanger was editor). Another article exhorted Americans to "restrict the propagation of those physically, mentally and socially inadequate."

Sanger featured in Life magazine, 1937, "Margaret Sanger celebrates Birth Control Victory."


PLANNED PARENTHOOD TODAY "We are not going to be an organization promoting celibacy or chastity." Faye Wattleton, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Los Angeles Times, Oct. 17, 1986 _______ "If your parents are stupid enough to deny you access to birth control, and you are under 18, you can get it on your own. Call Planned Parenthood." Planned Parenthood advertisement, Dallas Observer, Jan. 30, 1986 _______ "There are only 2 basic kinds of sex: sex with victims and sex without. Sex with victims is always wrong. Sex without is ALWAYS right." You've Changed The Combination, Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, Denver, Colo. _______ "The question of whether or not to sell ourselves to men is a false one: The real question is how to sell ourselves in the way that is least destructive to ourselves and our sisters. Prostitutes don't need our condescension. What they need is our alliance. And we need theirs." The New Our Bodies, Ourselves, Boston Women's Health Collective, p 113 _______ "Sex is too important to glop up with sentiment. If you feel sexy, for heaven's sake admit it to yourself. If the feeling and the tension bother you, you can masturbate. Masturbation cannot hurt you and it will make you feel more relaxed." The Perils of Puberty, Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, Denver, Colo. ______ "At Planned Parenthood you can also get birth control without the consent or knowledge of your parents. So, if you are 14, 15 or 16 and you come to Planned Parenthood, we won't tell your parents you've been there. We swear we won't tell your parents." Planned Parenthood employee lecturing students of Ramona High School, Riverside, Calif., April 21-22, 1986
FACTS on Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood on Adoption:Of 6,000 clinic visit records examined from a Texas PP clinic, only 3 referred for adoption. (Aborting Planned Parenthood, by Robert H. Ruff, New Vision Press, 1988) Planned Parenthood's on Homosexuality & Marital Rights:PP has encouraged homosexuality and advocated compulsory sterilization of all who have two children. (Family Planning Perspectives (a PP publication), June, Oct. 1970) ______________
Planned Parenthood's Goal:Dr. Lena Levine in 1953, concerning Planned Parenthood's purpose and planned course of action: "... to be ready as educators and parents to help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage. By sanctioning sex before marriage we will prevent fear and guilt. We must also relieve those who have these ... feelings, and we must be ready to provide young boys and girls with the best contraceptive measures available so they will have the necessary means to achieve sexual satisfaction without having to risk possible pregnancy." (Planned Parenthood News, Summer 1953) ." ("Psycho-Sexual Development," quoted in Planned Parenthood News, Summer 1953, pg. 10) ________
Planned Parenthood on Pregnancy:PP has an unhealthy concept of pregnancy, as it views the state of gestation as an abnormal condition or disease. Speaking for the organization, Dr. Warren Hern refers to human pregnancy as "an episodic, moderately extended chronic condition ... May be defined as an illness ... Treated by evacuation of the uterine contents..."("Is Pregnancy Really Normal?" Family Planning Perspective, Planned Parenthood, vol. 3, No. 1, Jan. 1971, pg. 9)

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Oogler Chump And Chief

That is right, BHO and Frenchy get caught looking at an under age girl. They both are chumps!

Baby got Barack!
The leader of the free world and his French counterpart were caught sneaking a peek at a the pink-satin-draped booty of a 17-year-old junior G-8 delegate just moments before the summit's official group photo was snapped in Italy yesterday.
Obama: Full Economic Recovery Is a Ways Away
Obama wasn't the only head of state getting Yankee Doodle randy.
The president got a show of support for his stimulus package from French President Nicolas Sarkozy -- whose wandering eyes also couldn't help but take in the view.
The beauty who prompted the president to channel his inner Bill Clinton was identified as Rio de Janeiro resident Mayara Tavares. The girl from Ipanema had been selected to attend a meeting of young people held in conjunction with the summit.

YES, NICE CAN: The red-blooded presidents of the US and France study a matter of international interest yesterday -- a 17-year-old junior delegate at the G-8 in Italy.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Planned Parenthood Is Ripping Off The Federal Governmet

Of course they are. The ultimate goal is to not only defund this murder machine, but to overturn R vs.W. The ACLC is one of America's finest organizations. God Bless em'.
ACLJ Files Appeal Brief in Federal Appeals Court in Massive Fraud Case Against Planned Parenthood Affiliates in CA

This week in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the ACLJ filed an opening appeal brief in a multi-million dollar fraud case against Planned Parenthood (PP) affiliates in California. We are representing a former employee of the PP affiliate in Los Angeles, who is now a federal whistleblower. A federal district court in California had dismissed the case, and we are seeking to have the lawsuit reinstated.

The federal False Claims Act (FCA) forbids government contractors from submitting “false or fraudulent” claims for payment. The FCA also authorizes private individuals to bring suit against the offenders to recover the fraudulently obtained funds.

The allegation in this case is that PP affiliates in California illegally marked up the supposed cost of various birth control drugs when seeking government reimbursement, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of overbilling – at taxpayer expense. No one should be permitted to scam the public treasury for profit. The FCA was designed to remedy such illegal runs on taxpayer money.

When the former PP staffer sued the PP affiliates in federal court, charging the defendants with having fraudulently overbilled the state and federal governments in the amount of tens of millions of dollars, the prominent law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP began representing the PP defendants in the case for free. The Skadden attorneys asked the federal district court to dismiss the case on technical jurisdictional grounds.

The federal district court accepted the Skadden arguments in part, and dismissed the case. Our attorneys then entered the case to handle the appeal. The basic question at this point is whether the former PP employee is a proper whistleblower under the False Claims Act, and the answer is “Yes.” Our brief dissects and refutes the arguments of PP’s attorneys point by point, explaining why the court of appeals should reverse the lower court’s judgment and reinstate the lawsuit.

There will be another round of briefs due in September. Oral arguments will follow. This case may well end up at the Supreme Court. We’ll keep you updated as it progresses.

Jimmy Good Ol' Boy Carter

Let us not forget what this peanut farmer, and former Failure and Grief said about BHO. He is a blatant racist and bigot. Why anyone would defend him is beyond me!
JIM LEHRER: And do you think that -- if it happens that he is elected, or even just being nominated, is -- will send positive ripple effects throughout the country on the race issue?
JIMMY CARTER: Around the world. Around the world. And I think it already has sent a wave of approbation and admiration in many countries around the world, just knowing that this black boy who grew up with just a loving mother and grandparents -- and that was about all he had to start with -- does now have a chance to become the nominee of the Democratic Party for president.
Alan Dershowitz, writing in Front Page Magazine:
Recent disclosures of Carter’s extensive financial connections to Arab oil money, particularly from Saudi Arabia, had deeply shaken my belief in his integrity. When I was first told that he received a monetary reward in the name of Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, and kept the money, even after Harvard returned money from the same source because of its anti-Semitic history, I simply did not believe it. How could a man of such apparent integrity enrich himself with dirty money from so dirty a source?
And let there be no mistake about how dirty the Zayed Foundation is. I know because I was involved, in a small way, in helping to persuade Harvard University to return more than $2 million that the financially strapped Divinity School received from this source. Initially, I was reluctant to put pressure on Harvard to turn back money for the Divinity School, but then a student at the Divinity School, Rachael Lea Fish showed me the facts.
They were staggering. I was amazed that in the twenty-first century there were still foundations that espoused these views. The Zayed Centre for Coordination and Follow-up, a think-tank funded by the Shiekh and run by his son, hosted speakers who called Jews “the enemies of all nations,” attributed the assassination of John Kennedy to Israel and the Mossad and the 9/11 attacks to the United States’ own military, and stated that the Holocaust was a “fable.” (They also hosted a speech by Jimmy Carter.) To its credit, Harvard turned the money back. To his discredit, Carter did not.
Jimmy Carter was, of course, aware of Harvard’s decision, since it was highly publicized. Yet he kept the money. Indeed, this is what he said in accepting the funds: “This award has special significance for me because it is named for my personal friend, Sheik Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan.” Carter’s personal friend, it turns out, was an unredeemable anti-Semite and all-around bigot.
In reading Carter’s statements, I was reminded of the bad old Harvard of the nineteen thirties, which continued to honor Nazi academics after the anti-Semitic policies of Hitler’s government became clear. Harvard of the nineteen thirties was complicit in evil. I sadly concluded that Jimmy Carter of the twenty-first century has become complicit in evil.
The extent of Carter’s financial support from, and even dependence on, dirty money is still not fully known. What we do know is deeply troubling. Carter and his Center have accepted millions from suspect sources, beginning with the bail-out of the Carter family peanut business in the late 1970s by BCCI, a now-defunct and virulently anti-Israeli bank indirectly controlled by the Saudi Royal family, and among whose principal investors is Carter’s friend, Sheikh Zayed. Agha Hasan Abedi, the founder of the bank, gave Carter “$500,000 to help the former president establish his center…[and] more than $10 million to Mr. Carter’s different projects.”
Carter gladly acceptedthe money, though Abedi had called his bank, ostensibly the source of his funding, “the best way to fight the evil influence of the Zionists.” BCCI isn’t the only source: Saudi King Fahd contributed millions to the Carter Center “in 1993 alone…$7.6 million” as have other members of the Saudi Royal Family. Carter also received a million dollar pledge from the Saudi-based bin Laden family, as well as a personal $500,000 environmental award named for Sheikh Zayed, and paid for by the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. It’s worth noting that, despite the influx of Saudi money funding the Carter Center, and despite the Saudi Arabian government’s myriad human rights abuses, the Carter Center’s Human Rights program has no activity whatever in Saudi Arabia.
Beyond the antisemitism and general bigotry of Carter’s benefactors is the fact that they’re 9/11 conspiracy theorists, blaming our own military for the attacks on the twin towers instead of the radical Islamic zealots who really crashed the planes into the buildings. Carter knows that these contributions come from people who feel that way. He knows they’re coming from people who feel that the Jews are all members of some sort of global cabal and should be wiped off the face of the earth. Yet he takes them anyway, so one has to conclude that Jimmy Carter feels the same way.
And make no mistake about it, this money from the Arabs has strongly influenced both Carter and his foundation’s political views:
The Saudis have apparently bought his silence for a steep price. The bought quality of the Center’s activities becomes even more clear, however, when reviewing the Center’s human rights activities in other countries: essentially no human rights activities in China or in North Korea, or in Iran, Iraq, the Sudan, or Syria, but activity regarding Israel and its alleged abuses, according to the Center’s website.
The Carter Center’s mission statement claims that “The Center is nonpartisan and acts as a neutral party in dispute resolution activities.” How can that be, given that its coffers are full of Arab money, and that its focus is away from significant Arab abuses and on Israel’s far less serious ones?
No reasonable person can dispute therefore that Jimmy Carter has been and remains dependent on Arab oil money, particularly from Saudi Arabia. Does this mean that Carter has necessarily been influenced in his thinking about the Middle East by receipt of such enormous amounts of money?
Dershowitz concludes:
It pains me to say this, but I now believe that there is no person in American public life today who has a lower ratio of real to apparent integrity than Jimmy Carter. The public perception of his integrity is extraordinarily high. His real ntegrity, it now turns out, is extraordinarily low. He is no better than so many former American politicians who, after leaving public life, sell themselves to the highest bidder and become lobbyists for despicable causes. That is now Jimmy Carter’s sad legacy.
Jimmy Carter is an embarrassment to this country.

Monday, July 06, 2009

America, The Beautiful : Ray Charles '91

Colonial Comrade and Chump

A friend of mine informed me about this well written article. Good ol' Comrade and Chump B Hussein O being exposed for who he truly is......I guess I can refer to him as Colonial and Chump too!
Obama, the African Colonial
By L.E. Ikenga

Had Americans been able to stop obsessing over the color of Barack Obama's skin and instead paid more attention to his cultural identity, maybe he would not be in the White House today. The key to understanding him lies with his identification with his father, and his adoption of a cultural and political mindset rooted in postcolonial Africa.
Like many educated intellectuals in postcolonial Africa, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was enraged at the transformation of his native land by its colonial conqueror. But instead of embracing the traditional values of his own tribal cultural past, he embraced an imported Western ideology, Marxism. I call such frustrated and angry modern Africans who embrace various foreign "isms", instead of looking homeward for repair of societies that are broken, African Colonials. They are Africans who serve foreign ideas.

The tropes of America's racial history as a way of understanding all things black are useless in understanding the man who got his dreams from his father, a Kenyan exemplar of the African Colonial.

Before I continue, I need to say this: I am a first generation born West African-American woman whose parents emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970's from the country now called Nigeria. I travel to Nigeria frequently. I see myself as both a proud American and as a proud Igbo (the tribe that we come from -- also sometimes spelled Ibo). Politically, I have always been conservative (though it took this past election for me to commit to this once and for all!); my conservative values come from my Igbo heritage and my place of birth. Of course, none of this qualifies me to say what I am about to -- but at the same time it does.

My friends, despite what CNN and the rest are telling you, Barack Obama is nothing more than an old school African Colonial who is on his way to turning this country into one of the developing nations that you learn about on the National Geographic Channel. Many conservative (East, West, South, North) African-Americans like myself -- those of us who know our history -- have seen this movie before. Here are two main reasons why many Americans allowed Obama to slip through the cracks despite all of his glaring inconsistencies:

First, Obama has been living on American soil for most of his adult life. Therefore, he has been able to masquerade as one who understands and believes in American democratic ideals. But he does not. Barack Obama is intrinsically undemocratic and as his presidency plays out, this will become more obvious. Second, and most importantly, too many Americans know very little about Africa. The one-size-fits-all understanding that many Americans (both black and white) continue to have of Africa might end up bringing dire consequences for this country.

Contrary to the way it continues to be portrayed in mainstream Western culture, Africa is not a continent that can be solely defined by AIDS, ethnic rivalries, poverty and safaris. Africa, like any other continent, has an immense history defined by much diversity and complexity. Africa's long-standing relationship with Europe speaks especially to some of these complexities -- particularly the relationship that has existed between the two continents over the past two centuries. Europe's complete colonization of Africa during the nineteenth century, also known as the Scramble for Africa, produced many unfortunate consequences, the African colonial being one of them.

The African colonial (AC) is a person who by means of their birth or lineage has a direct connection with Africa. However, unlike Africans like me, their worldviews have been largely shaped not by the indigenous beliefs of a specific African tribe but by the ideals of the European imperialism that overwhelmed and dominated Africa during the colonial period. AC's have no real regard for their specific African traditions or histories. AC's use aspects of their African culture as one would use pieces of costume jewelry: things of little or no value that can be thoughtlessly discarded when they become a negative distraction, or used on a whim to decorate oneself in order to seem exotic. (Hint: Obama's Muslim heritage).

On the other hand, AC's strive to be the best at the culture that they inherited from Europe. Throughout the West, they are tops in their professions as lawyers, doctors, engineers, Ivy League professors and business moguls; this is all well and good. It's when they decide to engage us as politicians that things become messy and convoluted.

The African colonial politician (ACP) feigns repulsion towards the hegemonic paradigms of Western civilization. But at the same time, he is completely enamored of the trappings of its aristocracy or elite culture. The ACP blames and caricatures whitey to no end for all that has gone wrong in the world. He convinces the masses that various forms of African socialism are the best way for redressing the problems that European colonialism motivated in Africa. However, as opposed to really being a hard-core African Leftist who actually believes in something, the ACP uses socialist themes as a way to disguise his true ambitions: a complete power grab whereby the "will of the people" becomes completely irrelevant.

Barack Obama is all of the above. The only difference is that he is here playing (colonial) African politics as usual.

In his 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father -- an eloquent piece of political propaganda -- Obama styles himself as a misunderstood intellectual who is deeply affected by the sufferings of black people, especially in America and Africa. In the book, Obama clearly sees himself as an African, not as a black American. And to prove this, he goes on a quest to understand his Kenyan roots. He is extremely thoughtful of his deceased father's legacy; this provides the main clue for understanding Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Sr. was an African colonial to the core; in his case, the apple did not fall far from the tree. All of the telltale signs of Obama's African colonialist attitudes are on full display in the book -- from his feigned antipathy towards Europeans to his view of African tribal associations as distracting elements that get in the way of "progress". (On p. 308 of Dreams From My Father, Obama says that African tribes should be viewed as an "ancient loyalties".)

Like imperialists of Old World Europe, the ACP sees their constituents not as free thinking individuals who best know how to go about achieving and creating their own means for success. Instead, the ACP sees his constituents as a flock of ignorant sheep that need to be led -- oftentimes to their own slaughter.

Like the European imperialist who spawned him, the ACP is a destroyer of all forms of democracy.

Here are a few examples of what the British did in order to create (in 1914) what is now called Nigeria and what Obama is doing to you:

Convince the people that "clinging" to any aspect of their cultural (tribal) identity or history is bad and regresses the process of "unity". British Imperialists deeply feared people who were loyal to anything other than the state. "Tribalism" made the imperialists have to work harder to get people to just fall in line. Imperialists pitted tribes against each other in order to create chaos that they then blamed on ethnic rivalry. Today many "educated" Nigerians, having believed that their traditions were irrelevant, remain completely ignorant of their ancestry and the history of their own tribes.
Confiscate the wealth and resources of the area that you govern by any means necessary in order to redistribute wealth. The British used this tactic to present themselves as empathetic and benevolent leaders who wanted everyone to have a "fair shake". Imperialists are not interested in equality for all. They are interested in controlling all.
Convince the masses that your upper-crust university education naturally puts you on an intellectual plane from which to understand everything even when you understand nothing. Imperialists were able to convince the people that their elite university educations allowed them to understand what Africa needed. Many of today's Nigerians-having followed that lead-hold all sorts of degrees and certificates-but what good are they if you can't find a job?
Lie to the people and tell them that progress is being made even though things are clearly becoming worse. One thing that the British forgot to mention to their Nigerian constituents was that one day, the resources that were being used to engineer "progress" (which the British had confiscated from the Africans to begin with!) would eventually run out. After WWII, Western Europe could no longer afford to hold on to their African colonies. So all of the counterfeit countries that the Europeans created were then left high-and-dry to fend for themselves. This was the main reason behind the African independence movements of the1950 and 60's. What will a post-Obama America look like?
Use every available media outlet to perpetuate the belief that you and your followers are the enlightened ones-and that those who refuse to support you are just barbaric, uncivilized, ignorant curmudgeons. This speaks for itself.

America, don't be fooled. The Igbos were once made up of a confederacy of clans that ascribed to various forms of democratic government. They took their eyes off the ball and before they knew it, the British were upon them. Also, understand this: the African colonial who is given too much political power can only become one thing: a despot.

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

President Ronald Reagan's Address to the Nation July 4, 1986

Happy 4th America. President Reagan......If B. Hussein Obama had one half of one percent of your dignity and honor......

Not In The Constitution

There is no constitutional right that states a it is illegal to use a "racial" slur against a fellow countryman. Recent time we have heard the hate spewed from rev. Wright. Jesse Jackson has also used the label, "Hymies" referring to Jews. Let us not forget Jackson High/Low light taped when he thought nobody was listening,
Jackson's comment came when he was discussing Barack Obama, saying the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is "talking down to black people," and "telling niggers how to behave."
Jimmy Carter used the word "boy" while talking about B. Hussein Obama. Then when Imus made a "nappy headed ho" blast it was the end of the world. Even the evil and sick KKK has the right to use racial slurs.
Like it or not, these types of comments are legal as long there are no threats of violence involved. We see it everywhere from all different races. And the slur directed at the mayor of Los Banos, while vile, is the right of the speaker.
Sadly, guys like Al, Jesse, and our president realize that there is a double standard in this country. And an effective way of silencing opposition is to brand them "racist." The only reason it has worked is because many a white person will not stand up to these racist thugs. All one needs to do is substitute a white guy for Jackson, and let them use Jackson's slurs.....
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Friday, July 03, 2009

A Big Shout Out

I would like to thank all the liberal/progressive,racist,bigots, drunks and infanticide supporters for visiting The Boot. It is quite obvious that you come here not only to educate yourself to what is good and moral, but it must also be therapeutic for you too. Knowing that by day you lead an evil and immoral life, and at night, when you place your head on the pillow you have to wrestle the demons that haunt you.
I am glad that I provide you deviants with an outlet for your hate,racism, sexism, and pure ugliness. So bring it on and spew away, you are the reason I post the truth. With any luck your children and grandchildren will forgive you for all of your acts of darkness that they have suffered at you hands.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A True Champion

Alexis was one of my all time favorite boxers. Pound for pound he was the baddest man on the planet in his prime. He was always the nice guy in a brutal sport. I will have to go find my tapes of his two fights with Aaron Pryor.,1,6391970.story
MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — Alexis Arguello, who fought in one of boxing's most classic brawls and reigned supreme at 130 pounds, was found dead at his home early Wednesday.
Presidential spokeswoman Rosario Murillo confirmed Arguello's death and an autopsy was pending. The La Prensa newspaper reported Arguello — elected mayor of Managua last year — was found with a gunshot wound to the chest.
The 57-year-old Arguello retired in 1995 with a record of 82-8 with 65 knockouts and was a champion in three weight divisions. He was perhaps best known for two thrilling battles with Aaron Pryor and fights with Ray Mancini, Bobby Chacon and Ruben Olivares. "Alexis was one of the greatest fighters and world champions, but more importantly, he was a real man, true gentleman and loyal friend," Bob Arum, who promoted many of his fights, told The Associated Press. "He will be greatly missed."

Sotomayor Reversed

While there is any doubt that Miss. Sotomayor will be confirmed, it is nice to see that there is some ammo that could be used to make the confirmation hearings a little more interesting.....that is if the repubs have the guts......but I doubt it. And Ruthy Bads went pure racist when she said, "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dissent which she read from the bench. "The white firefighters who scored high on New Haven's promotional exams understandably attract the court's sympathy," she said. "But they had no vested right to promotion."
This might be the death blow for Affirmative action and racial quotas. What a concept, actually getting a job and promotion based on your skills and not skin color or gender!,2933,529409,00.html

The 5-4 ruling poses a potential complication to Sotomayor's nomination, with confirmation hearings set to start in July. Already, supporters and critics of Sotomayor are seizing on the decision in an effort to defend their stance.
In the high-profile, controversial case, white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., argued they were discriminated against when the city tossed out the results of a promotion exam because too few minorities scored high enough on it.
Justice Anthony Kennedy authored the opinion in favor of Frank Ricci and his fellow firefighters who sued the city of New Haven.
adding that the city's "race-based rejection of the test results" could not be justified.