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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks For The Reminder About The Convicted Criminal Emerson Drake joemo

Now with his hatred of law enforcement now targeting The Oakdale PD, this is a good reminder of why Emerson Drake dislikes the men and women in law enforcement. I have sent some links to a person who I know quite well, that has first hand knowledge of Emerson's case, and conviction. They refer to Emerson as the Angry Spacoli! LOL!!!!!

It ain't defamation if it's true!!!
Submitted by joemo on Wed, 2009-10-07 15:36.
Guess what kiddies -
Mr. Emerson Ellsworth Drake (aka truthseekers) and a Carmenite to the core was, in April of last year:
1. Arrested for
a) Planting/Cultivating Marijuana/Hashish
b) Possessing Same for Sale
c) Theft of Utility Serices from MID
2. Charged, Bonded and Arraigned
3. Tried by a panel of his peers.
4. Found Guilty.
5. Sentenced to Probation.

Here's a link

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