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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sherman Is SOL In the Next Election

Brad Sherman is either a liar, or just plain stupid;maybe both. There is no doubt that The Black Panthers are being protected by the current admin.

Administration's 'Silent Raids' Lead to Firings, Not Deportations (via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration)

No deportation? I guess Barry Hussein wants the illegal to collect an unemployment check. And once he grants them amnesty, they will be voting democrap for ever. It worked for FDR!

Yea, this administration is so much fun! They really respect the constitution and the rule of law! Whoo, Hoo!!! The Obama administration’s new approach to dealing with companies that hire illegal immigrants results in firings, not deportations, the New York Times reported Friday. Instead of immigration sweeps at factories and farms which used to lead to illegal workers being shipped out of the country, the administration’s new policy—government c … Read More

via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration