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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Emerson Drake Attacks His "Foes" As Nazis?

This is what truthseekers...aka Emerson Drake, is attempting to do in this recent post at The Hive. He can be seen on video at a recent city council meeting. He has attacked PMZ and others around the Modesto City area with false claims. He links to The Voice of Modesto as to blurr the lines between his own words and someone elses. Typical for this individual.
Modesto Tea Party, What the Bee didn't Show us...Conservatives Cheer Swastika Here in Modesto...See the Picture
Submitted by truthseekers on Tue, 2009-09-08 18:06.

Modesto Tea Party, What the Bee Didn’t Show You
The conservative wing of the Republican Party threw a tea party at noon on August 14, at 1010 10th St. in the Plaza. Attending, along with at least one out of town minister, were local DJ Dave Diamond, George Petralakis (who is the political money dispenser and door man for the developers and Mike Zagaris), and Joan Clendenin, Vice-Chair of the Republican party along with about 150 of their friends.

Although most of the exchanges between the two groups were spirited, I was dismayed by something I saw on the teabaggers side. It was a sign being carried by a local and before it’s suggested, it wasn’t an ACORN plant. The sign was cheered by the rowdy throng of “baggers.” President Obama in white face and a swastika were prominently displayed.