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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Many Illegals Are Self Deporting

With the Bee's article today stating:
— Many immigrants have moved out. The percentage of foreign-born residents was lower in 2008 than the year before, as was the percentage of non-citizens.
— White, non-Hispanic residents became a minority in Stanislaus County last year for the first time.
I wouild ask two questions? Is the word immigrant being used in place of "illegal" and who cares what the color or racial make up is of the local population is as long as everyone is a legal resident? Of course the vast majority are illegals. Why I am asking these questions that most writers will not, "How many of the "immigrants" are fluent in English? Speaking and writing English is imporatnt for doing well in school and life here in America. There is an upside to "immigrants" leaving the area, less stress on social services the illegals are not entitled to thus spending less of my tax dollar. Test scores in school going up, less need for bi-lingual support and classes, heck, less traffic and crime. Sounds like a win win win situation. Let's hope the trend continues with "immigrants."
I am all for legal immigration as long as the numbers are regulated and background checks are done. As for the illegal immigrants? They can't self deport fast enough! And thanks for trashing our nation.
Typo of fluid for fluent fixed thanks to the keen eye of a product of illegal aliens......Wow, finaly a contribution to our country RicardoPee!