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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Obama Returns to His Roots |

Obama Returns to His Roots |
As a Christian, one must believe that their faith is the one true faith. If not, then they are not Christian and the Christian faith is false. This does not mean that we do not respect the right of others to practice their religion in peace. Radical Islam is not so much a religion, as it is a political tool. If you notice, Islam is allowed to be practiced here in the states, as long as it is non-violent, but in most all Islamic countries, the same is not true.

The 2012 Big Fix Is In: Romney Is Being Pimped By Media RINO’s

The 2012 Big Fix Is In: Romney Is Being Pimped By Media RINO’s

I have said this for a while now; If Mitt receives the GOP‘s nomination, it will prove that we, the thinking people, have no say in who are president is. It is a con game being played out by demo-pubs, and repub-locrats. It is my guess-o-mation that 20-35 percent of people are unable to see the big picture. Some may be to wrapped up in everyday life, just trying to earn a living, and feel they don’t need the burden of educating themselves on national events. Others, sorry to say, are just to ignorant, and or stupid to think on their own, so they watch a few sound bites from CNN, or MSNBC , and they do what they are told.

Meanwhile, our nation is gang-raped by those in power. They take turns building up their presidential puppet, while the other half tears them down. Then they conspire to create a “saviour” puppet into office to save us all. Prime example is Bush jr. and Obama. They two, in reality, are not that much different when it comes to growing the size of government, and spending money. Heck, it was Bush the Senior who spoke of a Thousand Points off Light, and a New World Order. Both these guys were precursors to Comrade Obama.

So now we have Mitt being labeled as the guy on Fox‘s O’Reilly Show. He stated tonight that Paul, Cain, Santorum have zero chance. What a shocker, these guys, especially Paul and Cain, are the most conservative, outside guys in the GOP’s race. So you think Fox is truly non-biased? Why do you think Beck left? His Federal Reserve and New World Order exposes got him bounced. It does not matter if you like Beck or not, he is getting to close to the root of our problem in this country, and around the world: The money men. Goldman?Sachs boys are everywhere. The Federal Reserve runs America.

So what is the answer? We as conservative Christians must turn out and vote, get involved, speak out, blog, and at some point, if necessary, fight to end the evil that has infected our nation. Look at northern Africa, France, and England, and now Philly. This is the result of unbridled liberalism, and their tactic of Class Warfare. Saul Alinsky ring a bell. The only difference is we Americans are well armed. The feds know this. Why do you think federal troops have been training for a domestic uprising? FEMA is prepared to place people in detention camps. The NWO folks know that once they control the conservative Christian population, they will win. Sleep on that thought Buckwheat!

What's The Matter Emerson Drake

You contacted wordpress because I posted your address; and your phone number. You waste the tax payer's dime on your own personal vendetta, and don't have the stones to talk about?
Modesto Biggest Hypocrite? Emerson Drake

This guy has been busted for renting a house with the sole intent of producing pot. He shows no remorse, he does not even care that he was placing the men, women, and children in the neighborhood in danger. He has begun a crusade against every public agency that was involved in his arrest. The City of Modesto,the MPD, and also MID whom he stole power from

Here is a recent photo of the guy in case you see him out and about.