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Friday, July 30, 2010

This Is Not Above His Pay Grade!

The Official Barry Hussein Salute

Liar And Chief

Don't Buy The Lies

Politics Over the Constitution; Bolton Blew It (via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration)

Bolton did blow it, and since her decesion is based on her politics, and not law, Arizona will win. And, if her ruling did stand, that means the federal is faulty. The feds are wrong, just because they refuse ti enforce federal law, does not mean the state can adopt a "duplicate" law and then enforce it!

Politics Over the Constitution; Bolton Blew It Cross posted from The Mortgage Guy: Arizona’s new law addressing illegal immigration, SB 1070, was partially struck down by a Clinton appointed justice, Susan Bolton.  Both common sense and a look at our Constitution support the idea that the decision was based on politics as opposed to precedent or the Constitution itself. The LA Times writes: (emphasis is mine) In her 36-page decision, Bolton wrote that the provisions would have inevitably … Read More

via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

Rev. Wright Will Not Be Happy

Virginia: Judge tells jail to make considerations for Somali Muslim pirates during Ramadan (via Creeping Sharia)

Like the NYPD, more submission to sharia for Muslims during the month of jihad - and these Muslims aren't even Americans AND they tried to hijack U.S. Navy ships! New details about the case against the group of Somali men suspected of piracy. The men appeared at the Norfolk Federal Courthouse today where new charges were brought against them. The original charges against the men were included piracy and plundering. However, the defense attorney s … Read More

via Creeping Sharia

Open thread (with Updates): What will happen to Charlie Rangel today? (via )

12:15 PM: It's reported that Charlie has struck a deal. I cannot wait to hear it, especially since if you did what he did, the last thing you would get would be a deal. 2 PM: Ethics (ROFL!) subcommittee listed all the charges but Rangel did not show up. So you KNOW there's a deal. … Read More