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Monday, December 21, 2009

Special Order 40 Needs To Be Revoked

Not allowing the LAD police officers to ask for proof of citizenship is just another example of an organization caving to the PC goon squad. Maybe Sheriff Joe from Maricopa County should be the next LAPD's police chief? Identifying and deporting illegal aliens saves lives, money, and sends a message that America is a civil nation of laws, and law breakers will be arrested.,0,7360617.story

"It is extremely important to build relationships with all the communities of Los Angeles," Beck told the crowd. "That cannot be done when people are afraid to have legitimate contact with police because of their status."

First established three decades ago by then-Police Chief Daryl Gates, the order came under fire last year when a star high school football player, Jamiel Shaw II, was shot dead, allegedly by an illegal immigrant. Critics, who say the order endangers public safety by coddling law-breaking immigrants, have failed in their efforts to amend it in courts, on the ballot and through the Los Angeles City Council.

Althea Shaw, Jamiel's aunt who is pushing for a new law requiring police to check known gang members' immigration status upon arrest, said she was disappointed by Beck's decision.