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Monday, November 23, 2009

Abortion Is Murder

Here is an article you may find interesting. Mr. Elmore does a great job here!

There is a common thread to all of these news stories, regardless of those involved. Whether victim or person, whether protester or protested, whether born or unborn, all discussion of abortion revolves around the implication, the begged question and conclusion, that an unborn baby is a baby. No matter how we try to distance ourselves from this simple fact, using medical technology to push further and further out the timeline along which we may choose to circumvent the inevitable process of that person's being, there is no changing it. Abortion is the application of technology to a woman's body for the explicit purpose of preventing a human being from existing – a human being who, if left well enough alone, would by all rights and in all probability be born. This birth isn't merely a possibility and is not a choice; it's a biological fact, unless a natural miscarriage occurs.

Could any parent who is not a monster look at his or her newborn baby and wish it dead – wish it pre-empted, circumvented, prevented from being? Can any woman who is human willingly abdicate the title "mother" without also abdicating her own personhood, at least morally? Can any man truly claim he is a man at all if he is willing to allow innocent human life to come to harm? Can any individual who has watched a baby move its arms and shift its body on a sonographer's screen honestly believe that ending that unborn baby's existence is anything but a violent murder?

As a conservative-leaning libertarian, I don't want the government to control health care. I don't particularly want the government involved in decisions regarding abortion, either. The law regarding abortion, however, is quite irrelevant. The biological fact of abortion is that any abortion ends a human life. It snuffs it out. It assassinates it. Support legal abortion or don't, according to whatever rationalizations you employ, per whatever technological barriers you choose to erect between yourself and the admission of what you are condoning. Just don't try to tell any reasoning American citizen that abortion is anything but killing a baby.

Cops jump on swine-flu power: Shots heard 'round the world

Cops jump on swine-flu power: Shots heard 'round the world