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Saturday, July 04, 2009

President Ronald Reagan's Address to the Nation July 4, 1986

Happy 4th America. President Reagan......If B. Hussein Obama had one half of one percent of your dignity and honor......

Not In The Constitution

There is no constitutional right that states a it is illegal to use a "racial" slur against a fellow countryman. Recent time we have heard the hate spewed from rev. Wright. Jesse Jackson has also used the label, "Hymies" referring to Jews. Let us not forget Jackson High/Low light taped when he thought nobody was listening,
Jackson's comment came when he was discussing Barack Obama, saying the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is "talking down to black people," and "telling niggers how to behave."
Jimmy Carter used the word "boy" while talking about B. Hussein Obama. Then when Imus made a "nappy headed ho" blast it was the end of the world. Even the evil and sick KKK has the right to use racial slurs.
Like it or not, these types of comments are legal as long there are no threats of violence involved. We see it everywhere from all different races. And the slur directed at the mayor of Los Banos, while vile, is the right of the speaker.
Sadly, guys like Al, Jesse, and our president realize that there is a double standard in this country. And an effective way of silencing opposition is to brand them "racist." The only reason it has worked is because many a white person will not stand up to these racist thugs. All one needs to do is substitute a white guy for Jackson, and let them use Jackson's slurs.....
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