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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You know who... aka

The new screen names..k5 for sure and most likely DPrice.......come on George Maudlin, honor your suspension! No wonder the real estate career is a bust...lack of morals!

Emerson Drake....

Why would you want MID board members voted out? Were they accused of stealing power like you were? Does Robert Stanford condone power theft? I think you both do!

Why The Spanish Call In Miami Monday Night?

The NFL has no business honoring Spanish Heritage week, or month, and for that matter, any heritage! It is a kids game, played by grown men for fan entertainment, and not some platform for a political or social statement. And I say this as a die hard Fin Fan since 1970. NFL, know your role, and know your product. I would not expect, nor want, a Caucasian Heritage week in a Latin country where a ref made a call in English during a soccer match. The bottom line is; wrong place, wrong time, wrong venue!