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Monday, October 12, 2009

George Maudlin aka

HeyMoron, k5, BikeRackII. And so on. George Maudlin, I don't think Century 21 M&M and assc. would approve of your attack tactics that you use against me, and now my nephew. You are more than welcome to take pot shots, Emerson Drake would like the pun, at me, but rampage is my nephew and he is just doing what he thinks is right. So settle down old man, it is not in your best interest to attack this nice young man....and are you not banned for the week too?

A Great Week

Nothing better to receive a punishment for doing what is right. Emerson Drake; public speaker and writer at The Hive, was outed for the con man that he is. And Robert Stanford, is just as much of a fraud, and danger to Modesto residents as Mr. Drake. Though I doubt Stanford was preparing to distribute weed Like Emerson Drake. Then the fact that Emerson was also charged with power theft from MID.

I understand why Dan Day, from The Modesto Bee, suspended me, and a few others from The Hive. He wants to keep things calm and quiet in order to bring NewBees to The Hive. It is good for business, thus good for The Bee. I will blame Emerson Drake and Robert Stanford for the continued lies and attacks on good, hard working people and businesses. They needed to be called out on it, and they were, and they went into lie and deny mode. I have received nearly 75 e-mails from Modesto City residents saying thanks for the heads up about these two. I figure that if each one tells 10 people they know, Robert and Emerson will receive single digit vote counts and will never be elected to the city council. Nice knowing you two, good luck on your next scam in Modesto. This time though, "truthseekers" will be known for who he is; Emerson Drake.

MID Rate Increases Due To Power Theft?

Sounds like a fair question. What say you Emerson Drake and Robert Stanford? Emerson was charged for theft from....MID!LOL!

I know it's amazing...they operate with NO oversight
Submitted by truthseekers on Sat, 2009-10-10 07:06.
from the P.U.C.(Public Utility Commission). Van Groningen and Warda have rubberstamped every rate increase except this last one which was very close to the coming election. may have helped cost rate payers may have taken food off of someone's plate!

George Maudlin aka

Georgie boy rats himself out. Keep up the lies!

Thank You JoeMcCarthynew
Submitted by K5 on Sun, 2009-10-11 23:59.
Reconciliation always possible. I pray for that, but only God knows. Honestly at this point, I can take it either way. My life is good, pretty complete and will go on. Hive has not helped, only made things worse and LSK sticking her nose in private matters has worsened the situation. She knows that and could care less. That I know for sure and have been hurt greatly by LSK's obsessive bashing into almost every aspect of my life. Very disappointed in your behavior LSK, not only as a 12 step person, but a Christian as well.
Anyway, perhaps we can meet for coffee at Five Points soon. I work all day but with some shuffling on certain days would like to meet.
Semper Fi.
PS: JoeM. The modbee suspended my BikeRackII name for two weeks. So I use either HeyMoron or K5. lol.
Heaton needed to be suspended. Three more bloggers to go I hear, and it's being thoroughly looked at this week, Wayne says.

Emerson Drake And Robert Stanford

Had to save this post from The Hive before it went poof. These two guys need to be accountable to the people of Modesto...

Hey Emerson....
Submitted by jheaton on Sun, 2009-10-11 09:18.
maybe you and your candidate Robert Stanford can speak about this?! You have no problem attacking his/your opponents. Maybe it is time your opponents ask you fellows some questions!
Posted on Fri, Apr. 04, 2008
Law & Order
last updated: April 04, 2008 04:09:33 AM
POLICE FIND MARIJUANA OPERATION: A strong odor led narcotics investigators to northeast Modesto home where they discovered a large indoor marijuana growing operation that had produced about $160,000 worth of dope, Modesto police reported Thursday. Police arrested Emerson Drake, 55, at the home on the 3200 block of Canopy Court. He was booked on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales and theft of electricity, Lt. Chris Fuzie said. The Modesto police Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency received information about the strong marijuana odor in the area of Kee Lane and Canopy Court, just east of Roselle Avenue and south of Sylvan Avenue. Fuzie said the investigators checked and could smell the odor for about two blocks in all directions. Police served a search warrant Tuesday with assistance from the Stanislaus County sheriff's Special Team Investigating Narcotics and Gangs. Fuzie said the investigators found the marijuana growing in three bedrooms that contained 97 budding plants with an estimated street value of $100,000 along with about 18 pounds of packaged pot with an estimated street value of $60,000. He said authorities seized the marijuana and the growing equipment worth approximately $20,000. The rental property had been converted into a growing operation. Fuzie said the house contained little more than a bed. The property owner told police he had no idea what was going on in the house and said a property management company was renting the house for him, Fuzie said.

Emerson Drake Who Is Working For Robert Stanford

Emerson Drake has this to say about local real estate developers;
After all the robber barons of Modesto are the Developersnew
Submitted by truthseekers on Sat, 2009-10-10 10:06.
Now they want us to pay for the annexations. Why don't they just cut us a check for the sewer costs?

Emerson Drake aslo is a vital staff member of Robert Stanford, so his words are also Robert's words? I say yes. Beware of these two city of Modesto residents. Emerson was convicted of growing weed with the intent to distribute and Robert Stanford condones Emerson's past.

Emerson Drake Is Interested In Trimming MID's Debt?

The same Emerson Drake of Modesto who was growing weed in a house he rented for that sole purpose. He was charged with stealing from MID. The Modesto Bee published a story telling of Emerson Drake's run in with the law. So Emerson; Staff member of Robert Stanford, did you stael from MID? Be the tranparent one for a change.....since you demand it of others!
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MID is over $1 BILLION Dollars In Debt and Yet They Refuse to Supply Directors With a Line Item Budget...Why?
Submitted by truthseekers on Mon, 2009-10-12 07:56.

MID board hopefuls eye bottom lineSix candidates offer their views on specific ways to trim expenses

Hello To The Hive Readers

Looks like asking public figures to be accountable for their actions is not allowed in some forums, so I am on a timeout from The Bosses at The Bee's Hive. Probably do to the fact that a local supporter, and staff member, of wannabe politician Roberts Stanford, Emerson Drake, was arrested for growing,with intent to sell, marijuana, he was also accused of stealing power from MID. So when this bright light of truth was uncovered, Mr. Drake, aka truthseekers went into hiding for a few days until Robert and he came up with a plan to deal with it. And, with out fail Emerson denies the whole issue saying that the police lied, the Modesto Bee lied, and he never stole from MID. And now he continues to attack the ones who were involved in his arrest and conviction. So those who support Robert Stanford for Modesto City council, you are supporting a person who condones Emerson Drakes criminal record.....And Robert Stanford is still the man who says that Stanislaus county Sheriff officers are "murderers."