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Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Day, Another Life Saved

What many of these fine men and women do everyday is amazing!

Officer Jones raced for the fence, thrust his arms through the steel bars and grabbed the man at the last possible second. He shouted for help. Officer Duke charged over and reached through the fence. He was able to grab hold of one of the jumper's arms.

And Now A Music Break

Justice Not Being Served

Today the ACLJ was disappointed in the Supreme Court of the United State's decision involving the constitutional rights of religious organizations. 

In a 5-4 ruling in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, the high court upheld a California law school's denial of official recognition of a Christian student group - a group that refused, and rightly so, to allow non-Christians to become voting members or leaders. 

The ACLJ filed an amicus brief with the Court in this case, representing numerous Christian campus organizations.
This is an extremely disappointing decision significantly damaging the constitutional rights of religious organizations. The majority of the Supreme Court missed the mark in understanding that it is fundamental to religious freedom that religious groups are free to define their own mission, select their own leaders, and determine their own membership criteria.

By permitting a discriminatory decision by the federal appeals court to stand, the Supreme Court decision represents, as Justice Alito correctly concluded in the dissent, ''a serious setback for freedom of expression in this country.'' And, we, like Justice Alito, hope this decision will be an aberration and not a shift in First Amendment jurisprudence.

An unexpected result for some census takers: the wrath of irate Americans (via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration)

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People are really pissed at the government right now and I know that most of us out there would not do these things to the census takers. What's not being reported in this WAPO article, is how did the census takers act toward the people they were trying to get the information from? What were they told to do when someone resisted taking the census? During their training, how far outside the law were they told to go? Folks, government is not listen … Read More

via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

A baby with a bong, a great (expletive) Mom and a terrific future under her guidance (via )

This is what pro pot folks dream of! Now where is this future basement troll's granny at?

A baby with a bong, a great (expletive) Mom and a terrific future under her guidance This is and 11-month old baby. Scrap that. This is an 11-month old baby with a bong. Baby and bong showed up on facebook. Baby's 19 year-old mother says the bong has no drugs or tobacco ....make that 'tabacco' in it, so it's no big deal, really. Apparently, Mom saves the real stuff for herself. "If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the TABACCO pipe," she responded, with grammatical and spelling errors. "And i took a pic to … Read More


The Patriot Declaration (via

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As a perpetual activist for the conservative cause I have engaged in numerous activities and symbolic actions to promote my chosen ideology. Recently, it has come into vogue to present declarations and statements as a way to outline for the general public and the media what the overall conservative and Liberty movements are all about as well as what they stand for. I am a signer of the Mount Vernon Statement and wrote a lengthy explanation as to … Read More


Anti American At His Best

This was shot at C.S.U. Stanislaus before the Palin speech.