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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mary Jo...40 Years Later

While it may have not been murder then, Teddy "Blonde N' The Pond" Kennedy has been able to enjoy life since that tragic night. Kennedy, a notorious booze hound, claimed that there was no alcohol involved and he tried, and failed, in his attempts to save Mary Jo. Of course, Teddy was driving the wrong way and he was unable to negotiate the bridge. He claims he returned to the party for help, but there were other homes closer that he had passed. Guess image and rep comes first to a Kennedy. After he returned with help, wink wink, he sent his buddies home and T.K. returned to his room to rest up for his lie making duties in the morning.
Well, looks like it won't be too much longer and T.K. will have to answer for what really happen. Or maybe he will fess up before he stumbles toward the bright light? Not a chance.
Unanswered questions
Why did they leave the party?
Mr. Kennedy said he was heading back to his hotel and would drop Ms. Kopechne at hers on the way, but it's unclear why he didn't have his driver take them, and why they left with one of the only two cars at the party, leaving one car for the remaining 10 people who also had to return to their hotels. Ms. Kopechne left her purse and hotel keys at the party, and no one recalls hearing her say why she was leaving the party. Mr. Kennedy says that they ended up driving away from the ferry by mistake.
Could Ms. Kopechne have been saved?
The diver who pulled her body out found it in the spot where an air pocket would have been, and speculated she could have survived for 25 minutes – enough time for a rescue.
Was Mr. Kennedy drunk driving?
Despite his reputation as a heavy drinker, he maintains he was not drunk. When he went to the police it was more than 10 hours after the accident and too late to test for alcohol. Ms. Kopechne had a blood alcohol level indicating she'd had three to five drinks.
Was there a cover-up?
Ms. Kopechne's parents allege people that were paid off not to tell the truth about the incident. The grand jury foreman says he was barred from calling key witnesses, and that the local police chief and district attorney took him aside to insist the incident was an accident, nothing more.