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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Johnny Stallings

Johnny Stallings was the son of former Alabama coach Gene Stallings. Johnny was born with Down Syndrome. Today nearly 92 percent of babies that are diagnosed in the womb with this are murdered by abortion. But Gene Trusted God and gave Johnny unconditional love. Johnny died in August but his time here was a blessing to his family and all who knew him. Here is a link and line. Gene stallings was interviewd today on Focus on the Family. If you go to the site the entire interview can be heard.

As a famous football coach, Gene Stallings could open doors, allowing his son to open hearts. Johnny had his photo taken with three presidents

In 1988, Gene Stallings spoke to a Rotary Club luncheon in Paris, Texas, on behalf of a home for disabled children.

"Johnny's lucky because he is with us," Mr. Stallings said at the time. "But there are a lot of other poor retarded children who don't have anyone.

"I say John is lucky, but actually we've been the fortunate ones," Gene Stallings said. "This was very difficult at first. We didn't want to believe it. But the good Lord knew what was best for us. Our lives have been very, very good. We have been blessed. He has put sweetness in our lives."

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