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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barry The Native Son

This article should worry most people, but Barrynuts do not blink an eye. I guess they are too busy staring at their Chosen Son. I am getting the sense that Barry will lose. Joe the Plumber represents who will ultimately decide the race: Blue collar white guys. And it won't be white dudes voting against Barry because he is black...and half white. It will be because he is going to take money out of our pockets and food of our tables and give it to those who do not work for it as hard. Very simple. Oh, as for double standards do a little checking and see why many black are voiting for Barry......becuase he is black. This is the true racist test....because he is black. Barry is setting race relations back a 100 years. But, Barry does not care, he needs to keep people angry and dependant on entitlement programs to advance his socialist agenda.
KISUMU, Kenya -- Believers across Kenya are praying for Barack Obama -- literally. They're making sacrificial offerings to help ensure his victory in a nation where the Illinois senator is considered a native son.

Minibuses festooned with Obama's image ply Kenya's roads, and his portrait is a fast-seller in marketplaces. But one prominent preacher is taking his fervor further, saying his church is engaged in "spiritual warfare" to ensure Obama is victorious.

Bishop Washington Ogonyo Ngede met Obama during the senator's high-profile 2006 visit to his father's village, Kogelo. Ngede, a Pentecostal leader, said a prayer in the village before Obama spoke and "laid hands upon" the Hawaii-born senator, who he believes is anointed by God for electoral victory.

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  1. Good heavens to Betsy Bob! Now I get the whole civil war thing! Christians in the US are praying "spiritual warfare" prayers to keep Obama out while other Christians are praying "spiritual warfare" prayers to get him elected! Whatever is God going to do! Just kidding. The King of all kings and Lord of all lords knows exactly what to do. I just had to toss in a giggle if I could!