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Friday, January 16, 2009

The 60's DeGeneration: Please Just Fade Away

Yeah thanks children of the 60's for; Infanticide, since 1973 millions of unborn children murdered under the premise of choice. Thanks for fracturing our nation's moral fiber with the mistaken life motto of "If it Feels Good, Do it." Thanks for removing God from our public square and replacing Him with legal acceptance of degeneracy masked as tolerance. Thank you for your attempts to emasculate our nation's army because of the "Make Love, Not War" mantra. And let us not overlook all the wonderful politicians that became of age during this time of enlightenment. Teddy "a blonde in the pond" Kennedy. Babs Boxer, Di Fi Chucky Schumer, John Kerry and so on.
I guess in all fairness that this 60's mindeset has oozed into later decades, but the ill seed was sown there.
For those who are from this era but do not adhere to the madness, Thank you.
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