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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Stimulus Package For America

Between repubs and dems, all we hear is "stimulus check this, stimulus check that." So, I was talking with a buddy when I came up with a few thoughts. I will post a disclaimer; I have the right to change or adapt these ideas, since they are in their early development stage. WHAT EVER THE HECK THIS MEANS!
I would start by giving all Americans a one year exemption from federal income taxes. In conjunction with implementing a flat, or fair tax on all items purchased. Still working on the percentages, so remember, to think in the big picture realm here! This national tax would also nail the bad guys who make their money illegally and are not currently paying income taxes.
I would also go after home loan companies that received bailout money. A side note here, it was many a politician who pressured these companies into making these bad loans and the people who signed the deals also carry some fault too. But I would fix a starting date for when a home loan was made...possibly 01-01-02, until 12-31-08, and these companies would be required to forgive 1/2 of the current debt to the homeowner. No monies would change hands, just the on paper amount. I would also then exempt the companies from paying taxes for 2 years.

These above measures should put much more money back into the hands of us Americans, thus energize the economy much more so than the hum drum Stimulus packages we hear about all the time.
And if nothing else, if a local Turlock cyberhillbilly can make an attempt at some new ideas, you would think all of those smart Washington politicos could do the same? Well, maybe not.

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