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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Turn Me Loose And Set Me Free

Yes, that is part of a Merle Haggard song..."Somewhere in the middle of Montana." Well, for me, anywhere that is not cold, has a place to park a trailer for me and my dogs, a small church, and a friendly burger and suds joint, and I am there! I am tired of the daily grind of my full time job, though the part time one is great. I am really insanely tired of bills and debt. If anyone knows of a ranch or farm that needs a hard working college grad, who can work as hard with the muscle as well as the brain; give me a shout. Oh, I forgot; a golf course is a must......

Here is the link to the orignal post site

And I must include one response from a typical hatefilled responder
He who smelt it.. dealt it.
Submitted by timseekers on Sat, 2009-01-03 14:36.
Its never been done before so we can never do it?

What sense does that make?

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