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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Voice Of Hate From The California Foothills

I could not pass up the chance to show what pure hatred and rage looks like. This is from The Hive. This poor woman has been so blinded by life's trials. I hope she seeks the help she truly needs.
One of the reasons I left the Catholic Church
Submitted by jerseygirl on Thu, 2009-02-19 19:36.
is, first, foremost and only- because of blatant hypocrisies.
They teach that God is a forgiving soul who wants you to sit in a box and confess your sins, so that you receive absolution for a shot into a city of clouds. And then they impose the most barbaric forms of punishment regardless of the penance received. For once you've been branded "anti-them," to the Catholic Cheerleaders, one has NO chance in Hell to enter Heaven (tee-hee-hee...).
Let's see... "Hell" isn't just a "conservative," religious zealot telling you that abortion of American fetuses is a moral sin, while supporting those who invade countries that aborts thousands of living children. No, no... if I remember correctly, "Hell," ala Catholicism, has several stages of punishment- limbo and purgatory. If you know the meaning of them then you can't help but question: Is this from the same dude who tells us to confide our sins in Him so that we will be forgiven?
Then there is that whole game of "Pass around the Pedophile Priest" to hide their sins and the shame. So instead of turning in those dressed in holy cloth, which lusts after what is under an altar boys robe, the holier dudes of hierarchy placed the lesser priest of power into churches far, far away hoping nobody ever found out. Uh... so how do you spell hypocrisy?
And if you're like me and love to sink teeth into history, the chapters of our past are inundated with thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people, whom over the decades, have been tortured and slaughtered all "in the name of God." K. Next I'm just gonna mention this 'cause I have to, but not because I want to get into this subject; "been there, done that"- but the hypocrisy of those who KILL another human being who help women with abortions, to SAVE a life... Well, nothing is more representative of religious hypocrisy than that today.
So anybody who is gonna play the moral high ground game and express such indignation over the almighty Pope who dare sit with a woman they deem "immoral," better sell the glass house they live in before the storm of stones rains of biblical proportions upon thee.
Oh- F.Y.I. jheaton? If you're going to call someone's intelligence into question, the least you could do is be intelligent enough to spell "intellegence" correctly.
Love ya! The Spewing Shrew... xoxoxox
"Sometimes a revolution is just what is needed to clean-up the system with one, giant enema."- Johnny Depp, "Once Upon a Time in Mexico."

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  1. there is a very good chance this woman is post-abortive. My experience has been that those who are the most shrill, the most hateful are those in the most pain. I am not saying she is - I can only go by my own experience and I remember being just this nasty about 10 years ago. Let us keep her in prayers and try not to fall into her pit of's difficult, but we are held to a higher standard of behavior because we are Christian. Not fair, I know, but it is what it is...