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Thursday, March 12, 2009

From My Proud Catholic Sister

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here is how Satan Works - a play in 2 acts
Father Cash has instructed me to say, when I am feeling kind of down about myself, "I WILL NOT FELLOWSHIP WITH YOU!" as a way of reminding myself that Satan is just a creature, he is not omnipotent like my Heavenly Father and that my Momma wears combat boots (Our Lady is ready for spiritual battle at all times).So, I can remember to do that and I can do it successfully and then I see how he counter-attacks...seriously, the guy is relentless...what a doofus...anyway, you should see the posts on the Hive today. Attacks by the usual sorry sadsacks against religion - one of them brings religion up when reporting on a story about fraud committed against elderly people by a fake psychic.*sigh*So I relinquish my right to revenge and justice to My Heavenly Father and go about my business. But I did write about the Boredom of Terrorism because I think this kind of 'poke-you-in-the-eye-and-then-cry-foul!-when-you-tell-me-to-knock-it-off ' is the result of boredom. The people who engage in it the most are middle-aged, drinking men who see themselves as 'watchdogs of freedom'. They also think they are very witty. If you do not agree with them they call your religion a cult, your politics 'hatred' and the get mad if you say, "Hey, you don't get to do that and call it a discussion!".That's what so funny about the entire Hive group - there are people on it who think they are admired and loved because of their 'liberal' stand who are really the laughing stock of the valley....and it is awful to be in a position of having to defend these goofy guys to people who really suspect they are socially inept at best and spend their evenings 'sitting in their garage, wearing nothing but boxer shorts, hunched over their computers' at the worst. But defend them I do, because truth be told I feel sorry for them. To be that filled with bile, to be ready to pounce on all things Catholic, state stupid opinions about the Pope on the internet for all to see, and call a conwoman who takes a no-contest deal on a fraud conviction a person of integrity because she did not claim she represents a religion proves beyond any reasonable doubt that these guys are nuts.For once I can say, with pride, that the people at The Hive with whom I have cultivated a cyber friendship are not nuts (at least in this sense)...not even some of the time. It's always recognized when one of the more intelligent ones have an off day and occasionally one of the good guys can go off on a tangent but man, they are just not crazy like these two - but, as one friend of mine from Chicago said, "A nut is a nut, whether it is on the tree, the ground or salted in a can".I'm not sure what that means, but he is from Chicago and he plays blues guitar so it must be very wise.I ended up on the phone tonight with E for 45 minutes as she brought me up to date with all the goings-on she has had this past week. Considering how much better she had been, the past week was a bit of a disappointment as she began to rev herself up again..but, she pulled back from me, was actually quite nice (though a bit manic and chatty) so I don't feel like sticking a fork in my eye to escape (honest, Doc, I don't know how it must be a worker's comp claim).I am hoping to get to the Lenten Mission again tonight but we'll see, as I am really fighting this stupid cold. My chest hurts when I cough and my right ear just started throbbing and I really do not have time to get sick...but I may have no choice.Father has spoken about forgiveness and tonight he spoke about prayer. He shared with us the Carmelite practice of journalling through prayer and I realized that I have been doing that without knowing it....which means I am either really smart of I am a Carmelite in nature (I always saw myself as more of a Jesuit but), which makes sense because I do so love St Therese.

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