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Monday, April 06, 2009

Not My President

I thought I would never see the day when I would not be able to support or defend my president. I was a wee too young for Carter, and was of age for the second election of Reagan. No brainer there, Ronnie rocked! GW sr. crushed me when he lied and Billy? I was even willing to take a bullet for him just because of his good ol' boy, aw shucks personality. But what B. Hussein Obama did was unforgivable. He knocked his own country in Europe as if he was on the campaign trail in Iowa. He then rubbed the Euro's nose in the fact that we bailed them out twice and they should be thanking us. He mocked a fellow US citizen during an open question forum. And he kissed the hand of the Saudi God Father. And the death blow? He said that Islam has made major contributions to American society. Idiot. He is truly an enemy of our country. He seeks to be the community organizer of the world. He desires power, even at the expense of my country. I say my, because America is not his. Reverend Wright's teachings are truly in BHO's heart and soul. I imagine he laughs himself to sleep each night knowing that he fooled many in this great country. How will he be stopped? I pray by people seeing who and what he is; a pure anti American, world power seeking egomaniac. I also pray that he does not end up like Dr. King, JFK, or RFK. Though he is nowhere near the class of men they were, he does not deserve that fate. But with his anti American beliefs and the speed he is attempting to change our country into a neo Marxist state, I am sure a few crazy and misguided fools are thinking about it. Let us all pray that he will be outed the American way, by the vote of the people.

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  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    He's not my president either. I would never put our country through what this idiot is putting us through. All I can do is hope and pray that people wake up soon, and realize that this country is doomed if Obama is in office for, god forbid, four more years, after his first four have passed.