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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BBQ Staples

With 80 consecutive days off this summer, like every summer, the ritual known as backyard grilling takes its proper place as the second most popular summer activity. Golf, of course, is number one but it makes for a strong 1-2 punch! So last night sitting around the aroma of Kingsford and steaks, the discussion about what are the top 3 bbq must. The ones that are chisled in stone. "Ice cold Keystone and George Jones on the stereo" I stated. Since I was in my backyard running the show this night, the Master of the Grill. One buddy said "lawn furniture that is comfy and a fly swatter." Excellent choices too. Other top choices from the backyard grill cabinet were, horseshoes, dartboard, lawn dart(very high risk since I still have the metal tipped ones!).
So all this discussion about the three things that are a must has lead to a blog entry. So here are mine;
1- No brainer....Ice cold beer
2- Stereo with plenty of Jones, Haggard, Lefty, and Waylon
3- Any type of grilling meat from National Market
and a honary mention would be a can of OFF. I think that should have been my number one from the way I am scratching today!

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