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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Letter From Patrick J. Flynn.

Patrick is spot on here. And Dr. Keyes and his support of America's Independant Party is on the verge of creating a true and viable third party.

Patrick J. FlynnState ChairmanAmerica's Independent Party of Michigan:
The World is Changed.This was the opening line in the cinematic version of The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring. In the story, we were being informed that things are to be as they never were. A great ominous force was gathering with a goal to dominate and oppress. I thought it very appropriate indeed as an allegory to open this letter.Whether at the tea parties, in the workplaces, throughout the streets, in the homes and churches, there is one theme that prevails in the hearts of conservatives. Our culture, our liberty, our sovereignty and all that we hold dear is now threatened as it has never been threatened before.Some say that we are just meandering through the repetitious cycle of liberal/conservative leadership. It is flippantly suggested that this time is not unlike the Carter and Clinton years and we just have to sit tight and prepare for our turn. Dear friends, this is nothing like the previous eras of liberal power shifts. We are witnessing and having to endure nothing less than pure historical tyranny and a systematic dismantling of our free civilization. We are indignant over the fact that the people we have elected who are in the places of leadership whom we trusted to prevent this evil either cannot or will not do so. The current power-driven government talking heads must be replaced with principled leaders who possess the will and courage to stand against this atrocity and molestation of all that is good.
This administration, intoxicated with societal adulation, has succeeded in casting a spell of sorts upon the entire world. In this enigmatic trance behind the synthetic veils and ethereal chants of hope and change, we seem to barely notice the recent and significant encroachment of a massive government machine upon the very foundations of a free people.

Testimony against Notre Dame University &Father Jenkins, witnessed before God and man
New spending and planned debt are now at levels beyond the scope of comprehension. Federal intrusion in the private sector augments daily. The floodgates of global, unrestricted, taxpayer-funded child killing and human embryonic destruction have been thrown open. National security is compromised to the wiles of our sworn enemies, and we are virtually promised upcoming criminal prosecution for sharing and proclaiming certain portions of the Sacred Scriptures. Is this the hope and change which they branded and marketed throughout most of 2008? I assure you it most certainly is. They were just banking on the fact that most Americans were thinking of something entirely different. Their wager paid off nicely.A strong prevailing theme in the hearts, minds, and souls of principled conservatives that is building movement and unity of purpose is the reality that the two-party system is not only incapable of restoring sovereignty and liberty, it is actually responsible for things as they stand. An entirely new party based upon pure foundational and constitutional principles will be necessary if we are ever to rebuild our blessed republic. Let's review the recent events of South Bend, Indiana, as a real-life, real-time vignette. This was not just a school that forgot its foundation, carelessly tainting its commencement ceremony with the wrong speaker. This was a true assault upon our sacred values, a treacherous strike that was launched with the arrogant and unfortunately accurate assumption that moral and spiritual leaders were indifferent enough, incapable, or simply afraid to confront. People of real faith across denominations realized this attack as unprecedented in its severity and impact. They were moved to respond with their voices, their hearts, and their presence to pull back the shroud and push this outrageous scandal onto the world stage. Who was there standing as witnesses to the truth against this dreadful lie? Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats. Only one party had the moral character, the will, and determined principles to participate in this righteous resistance. America's Independent Party was there on the streets, on the campus, and in the jail giving witness against the dismantling of our civilization by a nameless force that continually feeds on the innocent blood of pre-born children.As one of the state chairmen of America's Independent Party, I was in South Bend. I was there as a concerned American. I was there as a husband and a father of eight who cares what kind of culture my children will inherit. I was compelled deep within my spirit to join Dr. Alan Keyes to enter the Notre Dame campus to witness the truth of the school's own stated foundations to the administration, the faculty and the student body. We were peacefully praying and proceeding forward with the visual reminders of our nation's silent holocaust. We were arrested and jailed. We were violated, dishonored and handed over to the civil authorities. Days later, the university's authorities arrested and jailed members of the clergy as well. All this while the world's most famous Catholic institution of higher learning was moving forward with its plans to honor the master of global child killing and host the poisoning of the minds of our young adults with his lies.
"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."
Isaiah 5:20
It was in the St. Joseph County Jail's holding cell in the company and fellowship of Dr. Keyes and the other witnesses that I realized that no effort for righteous truth was ever successful in this great society without this level of sacrifice and determination. From the American Revolution to the emancipation of slavery to the elevation of women to full citizenship, freedom fighters and witnesses for truth have sat in jails across this land. Some have even shed their blood to ensure freedom and truth to their posterity.This is the heart of our party: its people, its commitment to principle, its grass-roots values, its rejection of power politics, its recognition that life is the unalienable right granted by Almighty God, and its understanding that if you cannot care for the most vulnerable among us, you cannot care, period.AIP is different from the other parties. We have a concise platform based upon the foundations for good and effective government laid down by our founding fathers. We hold our leaders and candidates to their affiliation of this platform. The Democrats and Republicans have platforms as well, but they are virtually meaningless. Candidates can take or leave the platform in piece or entirety without consequence. Remember Arlen Specter? He was an enemy of the socially-conservative Republican Party platform, yet he enjoyed the approval and endorsement of his fellow Republicans for decades until he departed the ranks and joined the Democrats. Then he was chastised by his party, not for his leftist politics, but because he reduced the number of Republicans on Capitol Hill. Do you honestly think we will be able to confront the atrocities we now behold in this regime run amok, with the weak and relative leadership we have seen of late in the GOP?Additionally, America's Independent Party has a commitment against self-service. After a thorough vetting process, we will support any candidate from any party that is willing to affiliate with our principles embedded in our platform. As long as they uphold in practice their affiliation, they can count on our help. Unlike the other parties, if they fail to perform according to their affiliation, we will publicly withdraw our support for their candidacy or office.Now, most people think of political independents as those who wander somewhat bewildered between decisions during campaigns. They associate independents with not being able to make up their minds. The true spirit of the independent is, however, far from this. The true independent is capable of espousing strong principles and decisively selecting authentic representative leadership as our forefathers have done. AIP embodies the true spirit of independence straight from the pages of the nation's foundational documents. We reject the dependence on deeply engrained, power driven political machines and their dysfunctional self-elevating politics. We turn away from the debilitating options offered to us by the two party structure of having to choose the lesser of two evils in a country as great and accomplished as ours. The time for America's Independent Party has arrived and there may not be a moment to lose. I am writing to you today for two purposes, the first of which is to briefly inform you of our party, our goals, and our commitment. I hope I have accomplished that. Secondly, I write to you to confidently ask you for your financial support for the tasks that lay before us. These efforts to restore our liberty and sovereignty will require resources just as any other worthy movement would. We need you to help us with your donation. If every reader of this letter were moved to give just five dollars, we could advance our efforts to establish sound government substantially. Please consider your gift to America's Independent Party. Donate at: mail your donation to:
America's Independent Party17195 Silver Parkway #336Fenton, MI 48430I urge you to visit AIP's web site at Click on our Platform link. Sign the Personal Affiliation Agreement and be part of the restoration of our great republic.The World is Changed.... We must respond with principled leadership!I thank you in advance for your participation and your financial help for America's Independent Party.Most sincerely,Patrick J. FlynnState ChairmanAmerica's Independent Party of Michigan

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