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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Day Should Be Called Father Time's Day

I have not had my earthly dad here for Fathers' Day since 1996. One one hand, it seems like a million years since he was here, and yet, it also seems as if it has only been a matter of minutes. I can remember going to Save-More drugs and buying him a box of Dutch Masters cigars, a golf lighter, and fluid at the ripe old age of 12 with the money I had saved from doing chores.....or maybe whining! The old stand buy gift was always the largest jug of English Leather available. I swear they made it in a 50 gallon drum at one time. There was also 12 packs of Bud and fishing gear too.
But the best gift was not the ones I gave him, but the one he gave me, and that was his time. I can always remember him saying how fast time went by, and I never realized it until the second after his last breath. So for those who still have a pop kicking around, just remember, Fathers' Day ain't about the physical gifts, but all about TIME.

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