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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Poor Tex In Modesto

Here you go fellow Hiver's. This is truthseekers aka Tex, and rumored to be first named source is working on this, doing what he likes....having post removed because his nickname, which he told me in person, is Tex. But do not make mention of it because he believes that when he attacks Modesto city council members, law enforcement officers and departments, and Stanislaus county employees, he will be outed and his real name will be attached to his lies.
I believe he is actively involved in one or more local council seat races to get his friends elected. I imagine to continue to protect his identity and thus being held responsible for his many fabrications, slander, and libels. Here is the post that had Tex riled....

Submitted by jheaton on Mon, 2009-06-01 13:55.
You know exactly what I was saying and what I meant. But that does not matter to you. And that's fine.
You are no better than your drunken monkey sidekick GM. At least you are good for a laugh once in awhile because other than that, lying and fabricating for Stanny is all you do.

I also have been told that the Modesto Bee has published letters from Tex and there may also be an article about him. If anyone knows of this article please foward it to me so a may post it.

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