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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Brit's POV On The Chump And Chief

Something about the some writer's way with words from the other side of the pond.
President Pantywaist in retreat: Barack Obama hoists the white flag over Stalinist health care proposals
The white flag is flying over Camp Obama, which makes a pleasant change from the red flag that, metaphorically speaking, has been flying there since January 20. Barack Obama’s plan for socialised health care on the Stalinist model across the United States is now in full retreat. Not only will it not play in Peoria, it will not play anywhere.
Politicians returning to Washington after scrubbing off the tar and feathers acquired at town-hall meetings are bringing with them a blast of reality that has been absent from Obama’s dreamland regime since his inauguration. For months Obama had been trumpeting the indispensable nature of his “public option” in a new health care system. Suddenly, it is no big deal. Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, is now telling Americans that taxpayer-funded insurance was “not the essential element”.


  1. OMG this was funny - like you, I appreciate the British sense of humor and way with words. Thank you for this....btw, why are you being vilified on The Hive? I guess they are tired of going after me so it is your turn in the barrel. Sorry, do not deserve it.

  2. being called on their lies. And the Alan Keyes' thread was intentionaly racist and Tex and George know it. That is why Tex faked a "it was satire" defense. If Tex is not attacking law enforcement, council members, MID board members, he is attacking women. When his true name is published, the people who are being attacked will be safe.