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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Common Sense To Solve The USA's Debt

Lets start with the doing away with the current tax system and replacing it with a national tax. Next, close down social security, medicare and medicade. Return the money paid in to these programs to the people. Sure beats giving billions and trillions to these unconstitutional waste programs. Same with Fanny, Freddie, and any other program where the federal government is acting out of its role. Then, bring home all the troops world wide that are not in Iraq or Afghanistan. Then, extract 3 trillion dollars worth of oil from Iraq to cover their "freedom" tab. Lastly, place the troops that are brought home on both borders and at all ports of entry and international airports to inspect all non American citizens and non American shipments.
We have allowed too much of our personal duites to be given/taken over to the government, who use these programs to collect power and money, thus enslaving the American people.

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