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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Emerson Drake Of Modesto Attacks George Petralukas

AKA truthseekers, also known as Tex, has a problem with George Petralukas . It is not clear why Emerson Drake attacks this man, along with Modesto City council members, he enjoys attacking a certain female member Olsen. I can only guess he is a rabid misogynist. Here is the link....
Look at my other post that shows this guy speaking to the council.....and watch how he is easily shot down by Olsen. Don't miss this human fart speak on the Morning mayor with Carmen Sabatino......... For my loyal followers, please dtop by The Hive and post to truthseekers' blog using his real name......or even use Tex... he really enjoys it!
ps..he is the guy with the bad shirt!

1 comment:

  1. I can't follow the guy. I try. I really try. I want to be fair and I want to understand other points of view. But I guess I am not the 'insider' I need to be to get what is 'really' going on.