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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emerson Drake: Words Of A LIar

For those of you who are new readers here, and I appreciate the new ones for the e-mails, Emerson Drake is also known as the blogger truthseekers. I can tell you from personal experience he is a liar. I spoke with him, in person, a few years back and he was polite, and well spoken, and we had a good conversation. No name calling or anything mean spirited. Of course that has changed since he is a Jekyll and Hyde character. So a big your welcome to those who were curious to who the screen names that whines and lies is. And here is some more hubris from the lumpy dude in the Don Ho shirt!
Greeed, Special Interests, Developers and Two City Council Candidates...
Submitted by truthseekers on Sun, 2009-09-20 05:27.

Well it's quickly becoming politics as usual in Modesto. Two candidates that have heavily financed campaigns due to developers, Real Estate groups who are salavating at the prospect and certain "business" groups who would ask the taxpayers and ratepayers of Modesto to finance their dreams of averice.
Joe Muratore and Kristin Olsen represent special interest groups and not the people of Modesto.
One shining example is Measure "M" which is an advisory question regarding five areas in North Modesto they want us to annex. Now if we do, it's a certainity that water and sewer rates will rise in order to lay the ground work for their greed. I ask you, is that what we want? Can you afford to take money out of the mouths of your family and give it to some of the same developers who brought us the Village I debacle?
It's bad enough that "M" is an advisory vote which means the City Council can damn well do what ever it feels like it regardless of the vote.
That's why we need to take a serious look at what the candidates really stand for and not just their claims.
Is Olsen an independent voice? Not by her actions or her connections and not by the money she's collected so far. The very same can be said about Joe Muratore. Much of their money flows from the same spigot. How do you think they collected the sums they have so far?
Of the seven people running for City Council in Modesto these two(Muratore and Olsen)are most closely linked to people who are concerned about lining their pockets with money they will take from us. Yes us the taxpayers, the rate payers...the Citizens of Modesto.
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  1. Hey - did you see the Peacetreaty blog of Wayne's?

    I think you need to think about saying, "OK, I'm in".

    There is nothing wrong with standing up for your beliefs, my friend, but I would LOVE to see you and TS lead the charge for civil discourse on The Hive.

    anyway, think about it...ok?

    And I thank you for all the times you defend me. It is appreciated.