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Monday, October 26, 2009

Where's The Taco JPM?

And I love the fact that I have followed JPM in NASCAR. As for out having a taco? I like tacos too! Maybe my hall of fame QB should have said that the white guys were out having cheap beers and watching NASCAR?That's funny, and true!
I have blogged on this topic for years. If you are white, and christian conservative, you better leave your sense of humor at the door. But if you are anything else, it is ok. Heck, like "jumps like a white guy, runs like a white guy" is funny stuff, and is acceptable. Kelly T got into hot water for being white and an anouncer. Even Howard Cossel, Ali's close friend, was falsely accused of being a racist. Liberal whites, scared conservatives, and angry minorities, need to get a life, and lighten up. Not all comments are racist, and not all white people are out to "get em.'"
So I want to know, does Juan Pablo eat Mexican food? LOL! Where's my taor salad dude?!
Here is the funny promo!
As ESPN comes back from one of their myriad commercial breaks, they did a promo for tomorrow's NASCAR race by showing the top five drivers in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. What ensues is... well... I don't know.
You be the judge:
"Where's Juan Pablo Montoya?" asks Chris Spielman incredulously about the Colombian-born driver who is just out of the top five in the standings.
"He's out having a taco," Bob Griese answered.

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