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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jeff Dunham - Arguing with Myself - Bubba J

For you UW! Watchin' NASCAR and drinkin' beer!


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    John, I like the symphony, dammit! If you are going to force me to watch NASCAR, you are going to have to give me wine, John. The kind with a cork!

    And then I am going to force your ass to the Bostom Symphony. And no snoring!

    Hey, remember during the election when we were beating the crap out of those pissant Obots? Wait till Baracko sends them all to the army for employment. Let's see how fast they all yell YES WE CAN! Eh, at least they will return as grown ups instead of perpetual dependents. Then they can be good little comrades and go to work in the potato fields.

  2. Symphony? Do they have bleechers there? As for the Obots? Why some people want the federal gubmint in every aspect of their lives is beyond me. He does not have to send people to the Army fot employ, he can send them anywhere if he gets his government control of the auto, medical, insurance industries is a lot of job options. By the way, do small towns have symphonies? I very rarely make it to SF, and I live about an hour away...NASCAR by day, the fine arts by nights! When I run for president, you will definatley be one of my czars.LOL!

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    No bleachers! And no baseball caps!

    John they want the government to run every aspect of their lives because they are lazy and don't want to do have to do it for themselves. Look at how many of them are still sponging off their parents when they are pushing 30 for God's sakes! Their degrees aren't worth the powder to blow them up with and they are sitting around waiting for some CEO to make them Lord of the Company. College is so dumbed down now that it's like a high school education was to us. They let anybody in, John. Anybody. You could be a green plant and get into college now.

    They have no idea that governments don't buy bright shiny objects for the people. They've had so much socialism blown up their butts that they haven't got a clue what they are in for. Wisdom isn't one of their strong points but they all think they know everything about everything. I guess I was stupid like that once, but I wasn't pushing 30.

    I swear John, 25 is the new 18! In ten years, when they can't get anywhere, they will all be screaming WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!!

    Yeah I want to be your CZAR! I want to be the czar that gets to slap Gen Yers upside the head.

    Usually symphonies are located near larger cities, John. But hell, an hour drive is nothing. I travel through entire states to hear a good one.

  4. No caps? fine, we can debate this over some Coors. Back in 95 I had returned to college for a second degree and took a field trip with my senior English seminar class to Ashland OR for the Shakespeare festival. Stop laughing, Business and English redneck! The old part of town was infected with many a 60's hippie who dropped out, tuned out, and got high. It was sad and funny at the sametime. And now the functional hippie radicals, and their supporters, are running this country into the ground.
    The "Slap Czar huh?" Ok, I am counting you in. You can also be my "Fine Arts Stunt Double Czar" too. Tell you what, you need to write a fun post about the arts. You must have some great stories. I am willing to dabble in it, if you agree to go to and surf around? Wow, who needs the UN?

  5. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Yeah the Slap Czar. I like it.

    Hey John, my first degree was English and I went back for a second one too, only I went Techie.

    Of course my graduate work in education wasn't worth squat in real life, but hey, I went from English teacher to digit head. But the fun part was most engineers can't write or talk so I passed them fairly fast. Bahahahahaha. And I know me my Shakespeare. Methinks.

    Ok I'll try NASCAR but I warn you, my idea of roughing it is no room service.

  6. Sounds like we are independants that took similiar paths to where we are now! I am glad I did not go into teaching, though the school I work at is rather conservative for being public. Since you are a tech head, we need to talk off the public record on gadgets to stop certain problems posed by people who post items and words that soil my site. Your site is very well run. Not too many knuckleheads! I have even got some of my conservative pals visiting your site, and saying good things about it. My idea of roughing it is a forty foot motor home with slide outs....

  7. Anonymous6:52 AM

    John, what I do is I have several longtime trusted members assigned as editors. The blog is on moderation 24/7 but set to always accept regular posters. In this way, a new person can't do a drive by and regulars get to post freely and interact without waiting for their comments to appear. All new IPs land in moderation. Then I or one of my editors fishes the person out if it's a good post. If it's a questionable person, we do a search in old comments for the IP or name.In this way, very few people get to drive by and crap on my people. Objectionable commenters land on a permanent black list. It's all very silent in the background and makes my participants feel protected and secure from the kossacks. My regulars also know that now and then Uppity has to intervene and clean up some comments that won't fly. They have learned not to take it personally, knowing that the goal is to keep us safe and keep us from being flagged. I also have no problem telling a participant who has started to get nasty to hit the road permanently.

    I see that you do moderate comments, but if you have no helpers, comments can sit for a long time. I dumped blogspot last year when they kept making it hard for myself and other No- Obama people from posting, by locking us up, pretending we were bots and other sneaky-assed shit. We would repeatedly follow their instructions only to be ignored or locked up again the next day. I took a bunch of other bloggers with me to Wordpress and it's been no turning back. It took me a few days to get acclimated, but I can tell you without reservations that Wordpress is far superior to blogspot in every way. And WP's support gets back to you in less than an hour when you contact them. Blogspot support is virtually nonexistent. How Obot-like of them.

    I recently was checking out blogger again and noticed you can't sign in to blog unless you open up your machine to their bugs and cookies from a gazillion third party snakes. I was horrified at the tally of intrusive cookies. Google is truly in every blogger's pants. That alone tells me I want nothing to do with blogger, and especially not google. With Wordpress, I can use my firefox and control every cookie and wordpress never stops working because of it. I do not have to accept any third party cookies like blogspot forces me to do. I also noticed that Google Chrome seems to be the only browser that doesn't give you any gas in blogspot. That's because they have the browser set up to screw you with cookies. They want you using their browser. Just letting you know, John, Google has become even more invasive that Microsoft always was. Download Cookie Wall by Analog X and you will be horrified as you get to see every cookie these intruders stick into your machine. I never use gmail either. They actually scan-read all of your emails for key words so they can send spam shit to you that seems to relate to you. If they can do that, what else do you suppose they can and are doing with your data? When I google something I never let their cookie in. I use Scroogle a lot these days.

    Just so you know, you can switch to WP and bring all your posts with you, using an IMPORT button. You can run blogspot while you get comfortable with WP in the background. That's what I did. I know it's "Change" but trust me, it's change you can believe in. I would be more than happy to help you with the switch.