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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day A Free America Was Put On Life Support

Sorry absence, but life sometimes get in the way of a blogger!

I am so glad that my relatives who fought in WWII and Korea have passed on to a better place. The America they fought for is on the brink of death. Barry Hussein and his Marxist storm troopers puked all over the Constitution today, and unless Barry receives Jesus, or has a heart attack, he will sign the bill. If there are any true conservatives left in politics, they have a great case against this illegal take over of the health care system. I am sure FDR is smoking a victory heater in Hades; his dream, and every loyal, freedom loving American's nightmare is upon us. LBJ surely slapping high fives with the former socialist ruler of the US.

If this is allowed to become the law of the land, what will be next? I will say be prepared to have your guns taken. The Demon Doll Nans will be telling you how you will be allowed to protect your family; sans guns. Even though these weapons protect here daily. Say good by to talk radio. And I mean all talk radio. Libs, these thugs will silence you just as quick as conservatives. Say hello to 10 dollar a gallon fuel. And best of all, say good by to the American dream where everyone is supposed to be equal; the only equal will be your income, unless you work for the Supreme Leader and Chief; Barry and whomever is thugs pick next. I pray our demise can be stopped through prayer and votes, but if not, by the bullet and sword. This is how our country was founded, and it looks as though it could be the way it will be saved.

And if you don't believe that Americans may take up arms, just ask Jorge Bush and Barry Hussein how many troops have been trained, and are being trained for just such an event?

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