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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Border Patrol Agent Doing His Job | The Hive

Border Patrol Agent Doing His Job | The Hive.

These few protesters who are upset because a Mexican resident who was attempting to enter our country, illegally, was shot with a stun gun and died. A stun gun? Why? Mexico's border patrol uses real guns. And why no protest over the fact that illegal aliens, many who are Mexican citizens, have murdered innocent, law abiding, American citizens? Illegal wannabe Anastacio killed himself when he decided to break the law. The coroner almost got it right, it was suicide by border patrol! It is sad the dude died, but that is the risk that should be in the minds of all who want to come here illegally.

Mexican migrant Anastacio Hernandez was shocked with a stun gun fired by a Customs and Border Protection agent last week at the same crossing.

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