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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Did Emerson Drake Of The Morning Mayor Show Threaten A Mom And Her Daughter?

I was not there, so I can't say this event took place, but here is the exact words of the lady making the claim. She stated to me she may file a complaint with L/E since Emerson is currently a convicted felon. If this is true, he is once again guilty of the same behavior he attacks his enemies of using.

" I ran into Emerson the other day at Wal Mart in Turlock. I was walking up an isle with my daughter, he was standing at the end of the isle looking at me. He stared me down and then he stared my daughter down.  He was talking to a woman, but I couldn't see her,  she was hiden behind another isle. I also recognized his voice. I walked down the isle and gave him a dirty look, and walked right by him. If he thinks he's going to intimidate me, he better think again." 

Since I have know become a target of Emerson's and his uneployable wife; Gaetana, I would now have to say this lady was probably right. I have never seen anything like these two's behavior before. When their lies and deciet are exposed, they go into to full blown personal attacks, which they are more than willing to fabricate. Like I keep saying, the payback from their victims will be a "Emerson." It must be stressful having to look over your shoulder, and out your window before you make a move!LOL!

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