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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Criminal Minds & Open Borders (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

"However, in addition to their unlawful entrance or visa overstays, many illegal aliens are variously engaged in identity theft, fraudulent social security numbers and ID cards, tax evasion or driving without a valid license or insurance – crimes which are practically made necessary by their unlawful status."

Criminal Minds & Open Borders         By Brenda Walker Open borders are welcoming dangerous criminals. A crime-minded foreigner envisions the American Dream as a different sort of opportunity than the one imagined by immigration sentimentalists. He sees cash and expensive items available for easy theft, a market for selling his illegal drugs and a police system that cuts enormous slack to obvious illegals. Along with the material affluence, he may imagine women and children a … Read More

via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views

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