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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Emerson And Gaetana Not A Happy Hate Couple

Looks as though these two, who are also behind the rumor cyber rag: Voice Of Modesto, and the 2 of the listeners to The Morning Mayor, have got a bit of revenge on me for once again exposing their hypocrisy. Emerson is wasting taxpayers dollars by badgering the City of Modesto for a few e-mails that, by law, they don't have to turnover. Then, after accusing multiple bloggers on The Hive of posting under several screen names, it turns out they have a few themselves! truthseekers, voiceofmodest, fairnes4all and wiseoldwoman. I had been told that this was the case a few months back, and it was confirmed by a third party.

And then to find out the Gaetana is collecting unemployment after working a small amount of time at a county office. I received an e-mail from an unknown person saying she had access to information that was confidential. And to think her husband, Emerson, has an ax to grind. Let's hope nothing illegal took place.

I really feel sorry for Robert Stanford, he intrusted Emerson with his campaign money, and now it looks as though Emerson only took the job in order to ensure Robert would never have a chance of winning.


  1. Interesting information.

    I also heard they post as FWright, has that been confirmed?

  2. Glad you have this recorded somewhere, now not only have I been banned from the entire voice of modesto facade - Gaetana and a host of methodical sockpuppets have taken it upon themselves to not allow me to post at all on the Modesto Hive.


  3. Robert, this is what happens to people who won't work and grow pot. I am sure the grandkids are not allowed grandpa pot and granny scam!LOL! Their hyprocrisy will be the demise of them yet. Paybacks are an Emerson.