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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is Barry And His Boys Hoping For War?

This article comes via the Logistics Monster. This is a must bookmark site!

Gerald Celente, 8.10.2010, And Russia Loading Iran Nuclear Facility on 8.21.2010

Written on August 15, 2010 by LogisticsMonster in Economy, Global Elites, World News


Gerald Celente of Trends Research being interviewed by George Noory on Coast To Coast AM (8.10.2010) about the upcoming war that Obama needs to lift America out of depression economic decline.  Considering Russia is about to load Iran’s Bushehr station on 8.21.2010, Mr. Celente is much closer to the truth than TPTB would like you to realize.  As a close friend of mine stated earlier today about the iranian nuclear threat, “start praying to whatever higher power you believe in…”.  This would be one of the reasons I am worried we won’t make it to November to flush the vermin out of our capitol.

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