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Monday, August 22, 2011

Soros And His Marxist Puppet

Though he is pure vermin, to his credit, he never quits. Soros, the rat, tried very hard to get John Kerry elected. Of course, he failed. But Soros just got more determined. The MFA, which Soros is part of, along with a few other global thieves, lobbied Christopher Cox back in 2007 to make a few changes that would allow for the manipulation of the markets. One was to no longer adhere to the Uptick Rule, and the other was to go to the Market to Market accounting practices. Bottom, line, it became very easy to short sale without any worries of breaking any pesky rules.

With the game now rigged in Soro's favor, 10 trillion in honest, American retirement investments were stolen. Of course, it was right before the 08 election. Soros and his power and mony junkies were then able to get their puppet boy into the Oval Office. Since Barry has zero experience in Soro's field of expertise, he can easily be manipulated. All they have to do is tell him that they can help him "reshape" America in to his Marxict utopia, if they just follow their lead.

Chris Cox was replaced by fellow Marxist Mary Schapiro, and along with yet another Marxist, Timmy Geithner, Soros had two Market to Market supporters in powerful positions. Though there is a new version of the Uptick rule in place, the mighty MFA mafia made it clear that they still could rape American investors at will. On May 6th, 2010 they proved it. Huge drops in the market, which took place, after 2:30pm, which just happens to be after the deadline that allows the market to shut down when events like this take place. It was not bad luck, just a well timed message!

As for the TARP money being repaid to the taxpayer? Not a chance. The feds are placing the stolen, laundered money into a general account, to be used, or as I like to say, "re-stolen."

And all the while, Obama and his comrades a deep into reshaping our country, the one they so hate, into to their Marxist Utopia.

Just do a simple google search of any of Barry's czars, cabinet members, and advisors.

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