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Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Job Tex "Truthseekers"

I guess the truth gets a little agitating sometimes huh? If you can't handle it Tex get back on the porch and quit trying to run with the big dogs. Again, abortion is murder and I am sure your grand kids are happy your views did not affect them.

Yup, I did nothing wrong at The Hive other than protect myself and I get a "timeout"? What a joke. I have been attacked for weeks and nothing was done. I was told it was ok by The Bee's powers that be to call others names but I was out of line by calling truthseejers Tex and refered to his grandkids. I did not even realize he had grandkids! And Tex is what he asked me to call him. Calling a guy by a nickname and he goes by an alias. Maybe wussie should be a new name for you big guy. I did nothing wrong. Lucky I have my own site. You know, where somebody can't use my pop's name with false quotes. Just keep hiding behind a screen and a friendly Hive screener. Because you would never do what you do on your own....Tex.

Update: Tex continues to make false quotes and attribute them to my father who has passed on. I guess I should not be surprised and should actually feel sorry for you. Since you have shown time and time again you have no respect for life other than your own. So go back and tend your warehouses with the rats, mice and field roaches, you are company that I am sure they do not like.

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