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Saturday, September 06, 2008

More From My Friend; Uppity On Barry!

It is an awesome sign when many democrat women as well as most others are recognizing Barry for who he is. A phony. But I will let Ms. Uppity say it.

You are true slime, Barack Obama, and more and more people are learning this. Keep up the good work! We hava actually grown to appreciate your hate of women as well as your abject ignorance and stupidity. It will help to ship you back to Chicago Thug Land where you and Reverend Wright can put the Hamas Manifesto back on the web site and slap women around.

We’re on to you, BarackObama. That old “People’s families should be off-limits” routine is worn to the bone. I hope the swiftboats kick your miserable socialist wife’s ass back to that hospital where she uses her color to help them do the bare minimum so that they can get away with turning away the poor.

I honestly don’t know how a thuggish turd like you got to be running for President. There must be truly something wrong with our DNC. I don’t even want some of what they’re having.

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