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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Minute To Fix California's Budget Crisis

For us common folks, it ain't hard to fix problems. With California, I would deny all access to state funded programs to all illegal aliens. Except for emergency medical of course. I would deport all non-violent illegal alien prisoners and deport all other illegal alien prisoners upon their release date. I would also open up offshore exploration of natural resources with tax incentives to independant companies. I would offer 3 years of tax exempt status to new businesses that relocate to California and 5 year tax exempt status for for companies with 50 or more employees and 2 years for 50 or less. I would eliminate the DMV and make vehicle registration a one time payment. Of course, there is much more that could be done!

Even if one disagrees with these ideas, it would sure be nice to hear something besides "raise taxes" or "BOND" coming out of Sacremento. So who wants to be my fund raiser!

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  1. OK - I am not posting on your writing...I have to share with you that I am having such a great time playing with the uber libs at The Hive..right now I have some running for a Roget's just to come up with bigger and nastier words to use, and it is all because I am urging us to get behind the idea of ridding the state of marriage licenses all together. OMG, it is so much fun. I had to share fact, I am having so much fun I may have to go to Confession.