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Monday, December 01, 2008

Foggy Days And Brighter Tomorrows

Fog in the California Central Valley really stinks! I was passed this morning on the way to work by an idiot with a death wish. It was impossible to see more than 50 to 75 feet and along comes this fool who glued himself to my bumper out of nowhere. That is almost enough to earn a person a good ol' fashion butt kickin, but then the dude passes me and I lose sight of him still traveling in the wrong lane! I was hoping that if he crashed he would take out a pole or a tree and not a poor innocent person on their way to work or transporting kids to school. Thank God he made it with out hurting anyone. Guess it is impossible to fix stupid.

I will be headed to So Cal this Friday for my businesses international convention. ACN rocks and is giving us the opportunity to work from home and earn an income that will allow many of us to care for our families and bless us with loads of "no" work time! Click on the ACN link and check it out. This opportunity is a true blessing!


  1. You need to go to this site:

    My friend, Lee Anne, is a fighter in the pro life movement. You will be amazed.....

  2. ACN - good choice - I too am looking into this program - it has so many wonderful benefits.

    Good choice JHeaton - we should get together sometime and compare notes - I am planning to be at the meeting a week from this Saturday at the Double Tree in Modesto - maybe we can finally meet eachother there.