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Monday, September 07, 2009

Hello Tex

You introduced yourself as Tex a few years ago, and now you are stating your name as Emerson Drake at the council meeting. I am sure there will be a few smiling faces in the cyber world. Since you like to make false claims and attacks on police, businesses, and local county and city figures. So Emerson, welcome out into the light! Here you are addressing the council. And it is nice to see Mrs. Keeting put you into your place. And I like the fact that Stanny has changed his tune from calling some local LE officers murderers. This meeting is from August 5th of this year.



    I wanted you to know how I have noticed you are beginning to ignore the taunts and name calling, AND you are not joining's hard, I know. But a Christian is not a Christian unless they are willing to put on the 'mind of Christ'...and you are making a darn good run at doing just that, kiddo.

  2. Isn't it ironic John, that the same man who calls you, "Quivering Chin", is the same man who was petrified to give you his real name? I think so.