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Monday, September 07, 2009

Sounds Like A Good Soap Opera

Looks as though a concerned citizen who has made many potential false claims against local business people is at it again. Thanks to The Bee for publishing Emerson Drake's and Mr. Petrulakis' comments. Sounds like a showdown from an ol' west movie with "Tex" and "Festus" in the middle of the street.
If you want to here more of Emerson's comment's, who can go to
Or you can read comments by like minded citizens at The Hive. I would click on Truthseekers blog...aka Tex. He sounds like the twin brother of Emerson Drake.

Modesto land-use attorney George Petrulakis and concerned citizen Emerson Drake cut to the meaty issues last week at joint City Council-Planning Commission meeting on how Modesto should revise its general plan.
Drake: Make developers pay for building on prime farmland.
Petrulakis: Don’t impose a fee for communitywide social benefit on one class of people – new homeowners.

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