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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emerson Drake..MID Power Thief And Robert Stanford's Money Man Makes False Claims Against MID

Emerson Drake, who was charged with stealing power from MID inorder to grow his illegal pot crop, just published this rant. Hey Emerson, who much do power theives like yourself cost honest rate payers?
Van Groningen and Warda Have Combined to Spend MID into $1.2 BILLION Dollars in Debt
Submitted by truthseekers aka Emerson Drake on Sun, 2009-10-25 15:16.

Can we afford another four years of their rule? And now they've gone out and recruited another member for their Cabal. Glen Wild who hasn't a clue on what to do other than follow the lead of Van Groningen and Warda and is destined to Rubber Stamp the debt ridden plans of Allen Short.
These two people tried to raise your rates 22% in the last year alone.
Ask them about losing 10's of Millions of your money on a bungled geo-thermal project. They don't like to talk about it, but they are responsible for its plans and monitary losses.
Why are we lost $40 Million Dollars on a tragic mistake like MountainHouse? This community is north of Tracy! What in all creation are we doing there?
I remember now ...were losing MONEY. MILLIONS of Dollars of it. And who's paying for it? The MID rate payers.
And if these men aren't thrown out in the coming election we'll see our rate continue to rise faster than ever.

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