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Friday, October 23, 2009

Hey Emerson! You Post As Truthseekers? Yes You Do

But you attempt to spread truths that you can't back up! Schmuck! Maybe you need to go back into the weed growing business!
Here is Emerson Drake/truthseekers post today...

Is kristin Olsen blogging as Sarahj1234567...?
Submitted by truthseekers on Fri, 2009-10-23 06:25.
At least that's the rumor going round these days at one coffee house. Many thought it was Turlock's own version of Sherri Lewis when it comes to sock puppets. It must be difficult to type when you have a sock on each hand and are ctrying arry on a conversation while each of them is asking you questions.
But who knows?
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  1. Here is what kills me - LOM blogs as HamHock and attacks me on a regular basis and none of his 'friends' will point out that this behavior is dangerous for a recovering alcoholic. They don't care about him...they just don't.