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Thursday, June 03, 2010

In Response To jjenson

Ok jj, here is what I believe, and I had to post it here because the new rules do not allow for certain information to be posted.

I would not appear on The Morning Mayor Show for a couple of reasons I believe it would be a set up by Emerson Drake to try to provoke me into a physical confrontation. One that he would lose. A story would be fabricated to the police with the sole purpose of landing me in the clink. The other reason I will not participate on the show, is because I do not interact with felons; That is why Emerson Drake is, and those who refuse to pay their bills; That is what Carmen Sabatino is doing. Both these guys feel that they have been wronged and are out for revenge. I feel Emerson, and not Carmen, is more dangerous because he lies and because he is a felon. I have talked in person with him, and he comes across as a calm, pleasant, and honest guy. But after being the target of him on The Hive, I now know he is a sociopath and I would not be surprised if he resorted to violence for hire against those he feels have wronged him.

So this is why I would decline an offer to appear on the show.

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