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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just A Few Thoughts About My Local Blogging Site The Hive

Since those of you who regularly visit The Modesto Bee's blog site; The Hive, know quite well that there are a few bloggers whose main goal is not to exchange thoughts and ideas, but rather partake in personal attacks for the sole purpose of creating a cyber fight. Let's take our resident real estate salesman, George Maudlin. How many socks do you currently have in place? And since the ban, you attempted to shift your George Maudlin persona into the kindly, wise old man slot. Sorry George, but you are still the one who made a light night phone call to a fellow blogger's house and threatened great bodily harm to her elderly mother. You also posted personal information about your daughter, who will not claim you other than being her sperm donor. And you still continue to cyber stalk me, because you know if you were to make the mistake and show up to, or even make a threatening call to me, it would not be a wise decision on your part, and you can bank on my response.

And before I finish here, let me not forget Mr. Wayne Michaels of Modesto. For some reason you are slowly targeting me. Alluding to me as being, in your words, "a serial drunk driver." Sorry buddy, but you have crossed the line and making such statements is not a smart choice on your part. But you did word it in such a way it was published on The Hive. Of course, you worded it as a question because you are not man enough to just simply make your allegation. Maybe you would care to clarify the incident that took place on 9th st. in Modesto a few years back. You know, where the police found you in a secluded area known for drugs and prostitution? See Wayne Michaels, unlike you, I will ask you directly.  So if you choose, explain Wayne.

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